The 007 best and worst James Bond movies

James Bond

A new installment of the James Bond saga arrives, number 24 'Specter', so it is a good time to review the best and worst films of the franchise.

Daniel Craig says goodbye to the character, and not in the best of ways, so now you have to find a new Agent 007, bets are opened.

Sean Connery was the first James Bond and performed this role six times, after the first five gave way to a fleeting George Lazenby that only lasted one film by not convincing anyone, Sean Connery would return for a last film for the production company, since he would also shoot a film not considered as official later, 'Never say never again'.

The third James Bond was the one who donned the secret agent suit the most times, Roger Moore, and shot up to seven films, perhaps not the best, but not the worst either. After him the franchise would fall a lot, first with Timothy Dalton, who was only James Bond twice and then with Pierce Brosnan that it was four times. Along with George Lazenby they are the three worst actors in the role.

Finally we had a Daniel Craig who has practically resurrected a saga that seemed dead, there have been four films that he has shot and now he is ranting about the character that has made him so famous.

Now we have to see 'Specter' and hope that it is in the first of these lists, It is hardly enough to include it in the second and begin to talk about whether it is at the height of the best of the year to be considered for the Oscars, this possibility was discussed with the previous installment 'Skyfall'.

And of course start speculating which actor will be the seventh James Bond, waiting to be revealed as soon as possible. At the moment those who have sounded the most to relieve Daniel Craig are Idris Elba, which we saw in the role of Nelson Mandela in 'Mandela. From myth to man '(' Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom ') and Tom Hardy, recently starring in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' ('Mad Max: Fury Road'), both with Oscar options in the category of best supporting actor, the first for 'Beasts of No Nation' and the second for 'The Revenant' ('The Revenant').

The 007 best James Bond movies

7. 'The Spy Who Loved Me' by Lewis Gilbert

Original title: 'The Spy Who Loved Me'

Year: 1977

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Roger Moore

Movie number in the series: 10

He may not have made the best films in this sprawling saga, but we wanted to highlight at least one of the films in which Roger Moore played Agent 007. And it is that the actor was always solvent in the role in the seven films in which he played the most famous spy on the big screen. We highlighted 'The spy who loved me', but we could well have highlighted films like 'The man with the golden gun', 'Octopussy' or the rest of the films he made, which were at the same level as the one we are mentioning now .

James Bond, the best British service agent, must join forces with Major Amasova, the best Soviet service agent, after the disappearance of two nuclear submarines. Behind all this there seems to be an evil plan by the tycoon Stromberg, who is determined to end humanity with the idea of ​​creating a new civilization under the sea.

6. 'You only live twice' by Lewis Gilbert

Original title: 'You Only Live Twice'

Year: 1967

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Sean Connery

Movie number in the series: 5

If you have to choose between one of the actors who have given life to James Bond, many of us will agree that there has been no other like the great Sean ConneryThat is why the films that he has interpreted in the saga are among the best, here we highlight some, but they could well be all. At this point we refer to 'You Only Live Twice', the last of Sean Connery's first batch on paper. After this he gave way to George Lazenby in the role, a bet that was a failure, then Sean Connery would return again for 'Diamonds for Eternity' and later he even carried out the role of James Bond for a film that is out of the saga because it was shot by another production company, 'Never say never again'.

Once again Agent 007 must act to avoid a nuclear war and it is that two spacecraft have been hijacked in Earth orbit, one North American and the other Soviet. His mission is to travel to Japan and unmask Ernest Stavro Blofeld, leader of the dangerous organization Spectra.

5. 'Skyfall' by Sam Mendes

Original title: 'Skyfall'

Year: 2012

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Daniel Craig

Movie number in the series: 23

No one doubts that the franchise is experiencing a great moment in recent years after almost bankrupting his production company years ago, Great credit for this goes to Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes who have made films like 'Skyfall', the last installment before the new proposal 'Specter' hit theaters again with these two names as protagonists in front of and behind the cameras respectively.

In this delivery James Bond will have to prove his loyalty to his superior MWhen she is tormented by episodes from the past, all this while MI6 is under attack, so Agent 007 must stop the villain Silva with the help of Agent Eve.

4. 'From Russia with love' by Terence Young

Original title: 'From Russia with Love'

Year: 1963

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Sean Connery

Movie number in the series: 2

Once again we highlight a film starring Oscar winner Sean Connery. The second installment of this franchise is undoubtedly one of the best James Bond films and is that the saga began with great force.

This time the agent must move to Istanbul to get hold of a powerful machine that deciphers the most complex communication systems.

3. 'Agent 007 vs. Dr. No' by Terence Young

Original title: 'Dr. No'

Year: 1962

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Sean Connery

Movie number in the series: 1

And if we highlight the second film of the saga, how not to include the first in the list, the film with which it all began, with permission from the 1954 telemovie 'Casino Royale', which we do not take into account among the official films and which surely would not be on the list of the best, if not rather the worst .

On his first adventure for the big screen, James Bond travels to Jamaica to investigate the murder of a special agent and his secretary, which leads him to discover a sinister organization on Crab Key Island and to fight his enemy, Doctor No.

2. 'Casino Royale' by Martin Campbell

Original title: 'Royal Casino'

Year: 2006

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Daniel Craig

Movie number in the series: 21

Among the highlights of the spy saga we must place 'Casino Royale' by Martin Campbell, film that brought the franchise back to the top with Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. The producers knew which keys to play to recover a franchise that was doomed to disappear, the films of Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

James Bond faces Le Chiffre, the banker of terrorists from around the world. A risky game of poker is the scenario where he faces this villain, but first he must dodge the dangers of his thugs with Vesper Lynd, the one in charge of monitoring the government's money.

1.'James Bond vs.Goldfinger 'by Guy Hamilton

Original title: 'Goldfinger'

Year: 1964

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Sean Connery

Movie number in the series: 3

And we stand out as the best film of the saga of Agent 007 'James Bond against Goldfinger, obviously it had to be one starring the best James Bond in history, Sean Connery and probably also directed by the best director the franchise has had.

While faces off with Auric Goldfinger, an evil gold-obsessed tycoon who is involved in international smugglingJames Bond hears about Operation Grand Slam, a plan to end the stability of the world economy.

The 007 worst James Bond movies

7. Lewis Gilbert's 'Moonraker'

Original title: 'Moonraker'

Year: 1979

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Roger Moore

Movie number in the series: 11

And if we have talked about the best films of the saga, how could we not do the same with the worst, something a priori more fun. We start with a film starring Roger Moore, 'Moonraker'. Roger Moore is probably the James Bond who stands out the least since he has not made the best films and he has not made the worst ones.

James Bond, assisted by Dr. Goodhead, will try to foil the plans of Hugo Drax, billionaire builder of the missing Moonraker spaceship Agent 007 is trying to locate. And it is that Hugo Drax has a rocket launch base with which he wants to spread a toxic gas to end life on Earth.

6. 'Die Another Day' by Lee Tamahori

Original title: 'Die Another Day'

Year: 2002

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Pierce Brosnan

Movie number in the series: 20

One of the James Bond that have less liked has been Pierce Brosnan, his films are among the worst in the saga and in fact his retirement and the appearance of the new James Bond Daniel Craig was a breath of fresh air for the franchise that was on the verge of disappearance.

Following in Zao's footsteps, the son of Colonel Moon, a pacifist in the North Korean army, Agent 007 travels around the world, Hong Kong, Cuba, London, ...And it is that MI6 suspects that Zao may endanger the precious world stability with his plans and in fact he is right since he is planning to unify and renew the two Korea to attack Japan and confront the United States.

5. '007 on Her Majesty's Secret Service' by Peter Hunt

Original title: 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'

Year: 1969

Performer who gives life to James Bond: George lazenby

Movie number in the series: 6

We cannot forget in this list of the worst James Bond tapes of the most fleeting actor in the role of the secret agent, George Lazenby. After a great Sean Connery in the role, the producers were looking for a new sex symbol for the role, so they called the then Australian model, but the results were not as expected and he only shot one film to make way for Sean Connery again that he would shoot one last official film of the saga, later he would shoot one more film not considered official.

With the intention of taking on the evil Spectra organization, James Bond is forced to associate with a mobster. Stavro Blofeld has a terrifying plan, to launch a bacterium that would kill millions of people around the planet.

4. 'Tomorrow never dies' by Roger Spottiswoode

Original title: 'Tomorrow Never Dies'

Year: 1997

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Pierce Brosnan

Movie number in the series: 18

Once again we name a film starring Pierce Brosnan in this list of the worst of the most extensive and probably the most famous saga along with 'Star Wars'. Pierce Brosnan's first film looked like it was going to break the franchise's downward trend that had reached its lowest point with the previous James Bond, but with his second film it was returning to the lowest level.

This time James Bond faces Elliot Carver, a media mogul that aspires to get the publishing rights in China to complete a global emporium. But his secret plans are to provoke a war between the Asian country and Great Britain by sinking an English ship.

3. '007: High Tension' by John Glen

Original title: 'The Living Daylights'

Year: 1987

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Timothy dalton

Movie number in the series: 15

We agree that Sean Connery is the best James Bond we have had to date and no less agree we will be in that Timothy Dalton is the worst. He only carried out the role of Agent 007 on two occasions, and they are the worst that the franchise has left.We will never know if the fault was his or the director John Glen, who was behind the cameras of these two films, but also of two films with Roger Moore somewhat better.

This time James Bond is appointed by General Kokov, a KGB defector, to protect him during his time in England. where he meets with MI & to tell them the plans of his compatriot Pushkin, who intends to assassinate several British agents.

2. 'The world is never enough' by Michael Apted

Original title: The World is Not Enough

Year: 1999

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Pierce Brosnan

Movie number in the series: 19

For the third time we mentioned Pierce Brosnan, the three of them talking about the worst movies. It was the third time that he faced this role and he could not get the franchise to take flight, he would still have a fourth film that is not much better than the previous ones, which led him to abandon the role and give way to a Daniel Craig that he would be luckier.

An attack on MI6 headquarters kills the oil magnate Sir Robert King, leading his daughter Elektra to inherit fabulous oil fields in the Caspian Sea. James Bond feels guilty for King's death, leading to him becoming his heir's bodyguard. Then After Elektra is a murderer who does not feel physical pain because a bullet is lodged in his brain.

1. John Glen's 'License to Kill'

Original title: 'License to Kill'

Year: 1989

Performer who gives life to James Bond: Timothy dalton

Movie number in the series: 16

The dishonor of the worst James Bond movie is taken by 'License to kill', once again a Timothy Dalton film directed by John Glen. And the actor did not fit into the role and after this film he gave way to Pierce Brosnan, with whom the saga did not recover too much.

This new adventure takes the agent James Bond on the hunt and capture of a dangerous Latin American drug traffickerNot only does he seek him out for being one of the greatest drug lords, but also Agent 007 seeks revenge since he killed a friend of his.


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