Best TV series of 2018

Best series of 2018

Since the explosion of streaming platforms, we are exposed to a large amount of series content on the internet and on television. Today they have become one of the main addictions and it is increasingly difficult to choose the title in which you will invest hours of your time. There are different platforms that include quality content. Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO are three of the leading platforms for this type of content. In this article I present the list with the five best series of 2018 of every one of them. Includes trailers!

The selection is based on the audience levels of the available series and their different seasons.


It is the most used platform and it was launched in 2010. It is recognized as the first streaming platform with a successful mass launch. It is available practically all over the world with the exception of China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), Syria and North Korea.

The series that you cannot miss are the following:

1. The Paper House

It is recognized as the highest rated non-English speaking series in Netflix history. The plot centers on a robbery of the National Mint and Stamp Factory, impeccably planned by "The Professor." Same that brings together a team of criminals specialized in different areas. Each one with a pseudonym, we find Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Moscow, Rio, Denver and Helsinki wrapped in a plan that would take an unexpected turn where it will be necessary to improvise to achieve the goal.

We find hostages, negotiators, police and a host of action that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

2. Altered Carbon

In a distant future, society has been completely transformed by technology. So that people who renounce religion have the possibility of transcending in time and being immortal in a certain way while the implant that contains all the information of the memory and conscience of each person is preserved intact. This implant is placed in the vertebrae of the neck and is implanted in human bodies that are interchangeable and act as "covers".

The protagonist is Takeshi Kovacs, he is a former rebel soldier who is bought and "resurrected" after centuries by one of the most powerful men to be sent on a special mission. The reward: freedom and fortune!

Kovacs agrees, goes to work, and discovers unexpected truths about his own life.

3. The Cable Girls

Set in the 20s, the series tells the story of four friends who know each other working as telephone operators in the most important telecommunications company of the moment in Madrid. Each of the protagonists feels trapped in different family and social aspects. They are dedicated to breaking paradigms regarding what society expects of them.

At the same time a love triangle between the main protagonist, her childhood sweetheart and the owner of the company. Around them there is an endless drama full of confusion, passionate love and betrayal. The second season has an unexpected beginning that puts the freedom of the protagonists at risk because they can consider themselves accomplices of a murder.

4. 13 Reasons Why

The story of Hanna Baker is not finished telling, the second season is about his parents' lawsuit against Liberty High. In the course of the trial, secrets are discovered that make more than one person tremble. This season, snapshots appear as investigative tools

Addictions, suicide, sex, use of weapons and sexuality continue to be the main themes of the series. Prepare your stomach for some chapters that contain quite strong scenes.

5. The Alienist

It is a psychological thriller of ten episodes that make up the series set in XNUMXth century New York and starring Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl and Luke Evans. We found a Ritual killer who commits a lot of heinous murders. The commissioner opens a case that is secretly investigated by a journalist, the secretary of the police department and a criminal psychologist. The latter known as "the alienist" studies pathologies and deviant behaviors of people who are outside of themselves.

Amazon Prime

The leading online sales platform decided to expand its business and launch Prime version in 2017. Next I present the best series that Amazon Prime Video has to offer:

1. Goliath

It tells the story of Billy Mcbride, a lawyer who is fired by the firm he helped found. Billy becomes a mediocre defender and falls into alcoholism. Later he is invited to join a legal battle against your old firm and you have a chance to redeem yourself. The second season forces him to practice law again to help his friend's son, who is charged with the double murder charge. During the plot the city of Los Angeles discovers a great conspiracy.

2. The Man in the High Castle

It has two seasons available and a third to be released in 2018. The plot recounts the scenario in which the Second World War had not been won by the Allies. Consider a different reality than the world today where the United States is divided into zones controlled by the Nazis and the Japanese. Hitler won the war!

3. Transparent

It is an American dramatic comedy whose story tells the conversion of a transgender to the elderly: Mort becomes Maura Pfefferman. The plot involves the entire family consisting of three self-centered children and an ex-wife.

Transparent is Amazon Prime's Most Awarded Series: He has won awards for the best comedy series and actor during the 72nd Golden Globes. To date, there have been four seasons, the first one started in 2014.

4. American Gods

Shadow Moon, a criminal who has just been released from prison and is faced with the death of his wife. In a world he does not understand, he meets Mr Wednesday who offers him work as an assistant and bodyguard. Shadow is in a different world where magic exists and we find old gods who fear to become irrelevant due to technology and new gods.

5. Sneaky Pete

Marius gets out of prison and impersonates his cellmate named Pete. He reunites with the real Pete's family and discovers big problems that he too will have to deal with. The new family does not find out and he continues the charade.


Offers titles of own American series of said cable television channel. Its launch in Spain was in November 2016 in collaboration with Vodafone and it has two modalities in the country:

  1. HBO: regular content for children, youth and adults with extensive content of series and movies of all genres
  2. HBO Family: Directed specifically to a child-youth audience. The content is suitable for all ages

Five of the best series of 2018 on this platform are the ones mentioned below:

1 game of Thrones

It is one of the most successful series of recent years with excellent audience levels. With season eight to premiere in 2019, we find an everlasting fight between noble families to dominate the seven kingdoms and take the iron throne. The last names Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Targaryen, Greyjoy, Tully and Arryn have characters that give the series a unique and fictionalized touch. In turn, they all have the White Walkers as common enemies. It is definitely a series that you cannot miss!

You are in time to catch up before the premiere final season in 2019.

2. The Handmaid's Tale

The new and acclaimed series is about the story of Offred, a woman who works as a sex slave. The story unfolds in a fictitious and depopulated society where the woman is considered property of the state. There are few fertile women, who are forced to serve wealthy families and generate children to increase the population of the population. The protagonist fights to break with the regime and recover a son that has been taken from her.

The second season premieres in July 2018 and promises to generate more controversy.

3. Big Little Lies

With a great cast starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Whiterspoon and Shailene Woodley, the story is centered on three seemingly perfect housewives. Covert social scandals are exposed and the protagonists are related in a murder investigation.

The series was planned as a mini-series and swept the guild awards in 2017. The series was so acclaimed that the second season that Meryl Streep will join is in the works.

4. True Detective

Launched in 2014, True Detective features a Police investigation story with an independent cast in each season. Each plot revolves around homicide cases: Season 1 was inspired by a serial killer hunted for 17 years, while season 2 is based on the murder of a corrupt California politician.

In August 2017, a third season was announced and is yet to be produced.

5. Westworld

Westworld is a Futuristic amusement park that is run by very particular hosts: robots. The objective of the park is indulge any visitor fantasy through an artificial consciousness within the environment of the old American West. Visitors can perform any fantasy, including illegal acts such as murder and rape.

The series has two seasons and includes Anthony Hopkins among its cast, as well as Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris.

As you will see, you already have 15 titles classified as successful in 2018 and whose selection belongs to different genres. Now yes! Enjoy the following hours with the guarantee that your selection will be worth it.

Best streaming series of 2018

Now, if you have already seen all the series or need to find other options, you can consult the catalogs of other streaming platforms such as Movistar +, Rakuten TV, Filmin, YouTube TV or Hulu. We hope you liked this list of the best television series of this year!

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