The best romantic series

The best romantic series

Currently the series on the internet or television are basic in our life everyday. There are a large number of genres, but there is one that never goes out of style: romance! That is why I present a exclusive selection with the best romantic series.

Romance is a subject of general interest in reality and fiction. Love relationships are exciting and uncertain - also very complicated! Combining thoughts, feelings and actions unleashes an infinity of stories with all kinds of outcomes, which are used to develop content in the entertainment industry.

Enjoy our selection with the best romantic series of recent times.!

Sex and the City

Sex in New York, is part of the best romantic series of recent times

It is an American series with high audience levels that lasted six years (1998 to 2004) with a total of six seasons. The plot is set in New York City. We find four women as protagonists: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

It is characterized by reflect the lifestyle of women in the modern world and in a big city: love and work problems, interpersonal conflicts and a great focus on friendship and fraternity of this group of friends make up the main themes. It's one of the best romantic series out there!

We find in every episode new experiences for the protagonists that involve their partners, their jobs and lots of sex! The series breaks paradigms regarding the role played by women in the last mentioned topic.

In general, each episode leads to reflections on life and romantic and interpersonal relationships that go hand in hand with the aspirations of each character.

From the history of "Sex in New York" two films are released that were released in 2008 and 2010, there is speculation about a third part but the participation of one of the main protagonists is at stake.

You can find the content of all seasons on the digital platforms of HBO and Amazon!



It's a American television classic starring now renowned Hollywood actor Bruce Willis and actress Cybyll Shepperd.

The story is told of a detective agency made up of a former model named Maddie Heyes and David Addison. In each episode a series of cases are seen to be solved at the same time as the sentimental relationship between the two grows.

It ran for four years: between 1985 and 1989. You can find the series on Amazon Prime.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore girls

Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, it is a series that involves romance, drama, and comedy. It stars a single mother and her teenage daughter, who, in turn, are like close friends. It lasted for seven years with a season premiere annually.

The story recounts the life of Lorelai, who gives birth to Rory during adolescence and comes from a wealthy family. She rebels against her controlling parents and decides to leave home at an early age to raise her daughter on her own. With a lot of effort, he manages to get a small hotel that he runs and where two of his close friends collaborate.

The series begins years later, when she goes to her parents to support her granddaughter with her education. The family reunites and the Gilmore girls are engaged to a weekly dinner at their grandparents' house.

On the other hand, Rory is an exemplary teenager: she is responsible, beautiful, loving, intelligent and has a perfect first boyfriend. Throughout the first seasons we discover how she learns to deal with school problems, social differences and love affairs that complicate her day to day. It shows her personal growth until she graduated from college and became a reporter.

Both protagonists go through different love couples throughout the different seasons until they find their true love. The series gives us a lesson on the value of family, friendship and the importance of complicity in relationships.

In 2016, Netflix decided to release a mini series with all the returning characters: "The Four Seasons of Gilmore Girls". The sequel updates us on the lives of Lorelai and Rory, as well as the people around them.

We found big changes some characters and an unexpected surprise at the end! Speculation about a continuation is on the air ...

The time between seams

The time between seams, one of the best romantic series

It is an adaptation of a historical novel of Spanish origin, it was brought to the screen in 2013 in the format of a television series with 17 chapters. The protagonist is Sira Quiroga, a woman played by actress Adriana Ugarte.

Sira, she is a young dressmaker of humble origin from the city of Madrid. She grew up working as a seamstress in the workshop of a very close friend of her mother, who was the one who taught her the art of mastering fabrics and needles.

She abandons her fiancé to go with Ramiro, a handsome young man she has just met and with whom she falls madly in love. They settle in Tangier, Morocco and begin to live dream days full of luxuries, parties and good times.

Unexpectedly Ramiro leaves the city after being persecuted for fraud, a crime of which Sira is also accused, by association. She gets an agreement to get out of the problem and was forced to move to Tetouan. Simultaneously explodes the Spanish civil war where his mother is at risk.

With a false identity, he set up a sewing workshop in that city and became one of the most popular places for high society. During that time she meets a handsome journalist with whom she falls in love and they separate for reasons beyond their control.

Some time later, they make a offer to return to Madrid and become an undercover government spy. Set up a sewing workshop to attract the upper class. He is related to high German officials and in the course he meets his old love who has many secrets to hide as well.

The content is full of romance and secrets. It is available on Netflix.

It is a story that you cannot miss!

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

North American series with 9 seasons that aired from 2005 to 2014. The plot tells the story of how Ted Mosby met his wife and mother of his children.

The history is narrated by the protagonist who lives in New York and explains to his children how he found true love in his youth. Each episode is a drama, adventure and romances.

Ted has a group of best friends: Marshall, Lilly, Robin and Barney. They tell their own stories during the series to make it more interesting. Problems typical of love and friendship relationships appear in youth.

Las chicas del cable

Las chicas del cable

It is the first Spanish series that constitutes an exclusive Netflix title. It premiered with great success in 2017 and two seasons were released during the same year. The continuation premieres on September 7, 2018. The protagonist is the Spanish actress Blanca Suarez.

The romantic drama is set in the 20s and tells the story of four women who work in the largest telecommunications company in Madrid doing the function of telephone operators.

Lidia is the main character She carries many secrets from her past in her luggage and by chance meets her adolescent love at the company where she now works, on the other hand the owner of the company is delighted with her beauty and intelligence. A love triangle full of disagreements and passionate moments.

On the other hand we have Ángeles, Carlota and Marga who form a very strong bond of friendship with Lidia. Each of them have very different personalities and lifestyles. ANDWe find quite a bit of controversy in the plot as it involves issues that broke paradigms at the time, such is the case of homosexuality and divorce.

This story is one of our favorites on the list of the best romantic series!



Netflix original production that premiered in 2016 and has so far two seasons available on the platform.

It is a common history of a couple with whom it is easy to identify. They have great chemistry and although they are not the perfect couple defined by society, we find an interesting evolution between the couple that make up Mickey and Gus.

The series gives lessons in life as a couple about the importance of individuality and complicity, as well as the need for a balance between sex and love. The protagonist has a lot of style and you will love to see how the couple solves their problems in different ways and exposes different points of view of the group of friends that surround them.

Is this selection of the best romantic series full of kitsch?

Be careful, there is no reason to be alarmed! None of the titles presented is pure honey, the selection is based on a combination of love with other factors: we have comedy, drama, action, fashion, mystery, espionage and other elements that will make you enjoy each of the series a lot.

Romantic series represent therapy as they are easy to digest, so you can relax while learning a new thing or two about love and life in general. If yours is the romantic genre, you have to see all the series recommended in this post!

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