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The role-playing board games need a mention other than rest of board games, since they have been positioned as one of the most addictive and preferred by some users. They have come to generate a great fanaticism, with followers who dress up as the characters of these games, who design their own 3D-printed or handmade sets, who design and paint their own figures, etc. They have even hooked a lot of people who weren't too pro-books, they improve mental abilities, sense of cooperation, etc.

All a fever that comes precisely from what makes these games different, and that is tremendous player immersion that allow. These games tell a story, set the game, and the players are the protagonists who must get into a role or role, hence their name. An adventure for those who want to live exciting situations and incredible adventures.

Guide to choosing the best role-playing games

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Among some of the most awesome role-playing board games that you can buy, and that are the best sellers in this category, include:

Dugeons and dragons

It is one of the role-playing board games par excellence. One of the most widespread in the world. It is a fantasy cooperation game that immerses you in a magical universe. It is suitable from 10 years of age, and can be played with between 2 and 4 players. In it you will have to choose your character and fight against emblematic monsters, and live totally new adventures every time, since decision making and chance mean that it is not always the same. In addition, the positive thing is that you will find several books with different stories and themes to choose from or to collect.

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The dark eye

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It is another of the classics, and it has been several decades since this German game was launched. The 5th Edition has been translated into Spanish, so that the fans here can also enjoy the fantastic adventures in Aventuria, a continent full of legends, mysterious characters, monsters and strange creatures, and in which the characters will play heroes.

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This other title is one of the best known role-playing games. In it, each player will have the role of an adventurer who must survive in a fantastic world full of magic and evil. The book includes the rules of the game, the game director, and the rules for creating fantastic characters, spell options, etc. An ideal game to start given its simplicity.

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Warhammer needs few introductions, it is well known in the video game world and also among role-playing board games. A fantasy game reminiscent in some ways of WoW or Warcraft, as it transports you to an old gothic world dominated by terrifying creatures, heroes, mysteries and dangers.

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Forbidden lands

It has been created by Free League Publishing, offering a great experience in the purest old school style. Now it comes in its new edition with new mechanics to live adventures in the Forbidden Lands. In this case, players are not playing heroes, but rogues and invaders who will do whatever it takes to survive in a cursed world where its inhabitants cannot distinguish between truth and legend.

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The legend of the 5 rings

Need Games created this RPG board game with a setting based on oriental fantasy. It is set in Rokugan, an imaginary place in feudal Japan. In addition, it includes some Chinese influences, and that puts you in the shoes of samurai, bashi, shugenja, monks, etc.

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Gloom Haven 2

The second edition of Gloomhaven has also been translated into Spanish. This game is not one of the most recommended to start in the role-playing world, but it is more aimed at professionals. Each player takes on the role of a mercenary immersed in an evolving fantasy world. Together they will cooperate and fight in various campaigns that change depending on the actions taken.

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The fall of Avalon

Another of the titles for professionals. This role-playing title combines Arthurian legends, Celtic mythology, and a deep and branching story that allows challenges to be approached in different ways each time the game is played. You will have to make very tough decisions, also some that seem unimportant, but can change things significantly in the long run. You are ready?

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The Lord of the Rings: Journeys through Middle Earth

The title of JRR Tolkien not only became a film and a video game, it also comes as a role-playing board game with this pack. In it you immerse yourself in journeys through Middle-earth, with adventures and the most mythical characters of this saga. The dynamics of the game is divided into campaigns, and ramifications, so that it surprises you even if you play over and over again ...

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After the ashes of World War I, the capitalist city-state known as La Fábrica has closed its doors, attracting the attention of some neighboring countries. A parallel reality set in 1920 and in which each player will play a representative of the five factions of Eastern Europe, trying to get fortune and claim land around the mysterious Factory.

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Massive darkness

Massive Darkness offers a great fantastic experience in true classic style. A modern, action-packed board game with spectacular miniatures and a very simple gameplay. It focuses on the actions of the heroes, without the need for a player to act as a guide to control the enemies.

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Nightmare: Horror Adventures

Strategy, logic, creativity, cooperation ... all mixed in a horror adventure where you immerse yourself in a world full of surprises and mysteries. Each player will take on the role of Crafton's son, and must discover who killed his father by investigating the clues to the old family mansion.

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A horror and role-playing game that takes you to the city of Arkham, which is being threatened by creatures from the afterlife. Players will have to join forces, assuming the role of investigators, to save the situation that endangers the entire world. The goal is to gather the clues and resources necessary to confront the Ancient Ones and thwart their evil plans.

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The Veil

This role-playing game has a cyberpunk theme, in a setting where technology has pushed humanity to its limits, and where it is difficult to distinguish between the real and the fictional. Therefore, you must lead the resistance (despite the fact that part of your body is mechanical ...) to try to put limits on the technology that has done so much damage. It has been inspired by such famous works as Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, and The Expanse.

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What is an RPG?

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For those who still don't know what is a role-playing board gameIt is a game similar in some respects to other games, but where the players will have to play a role or role. To do this, it has a basic structure:

  • Game director: When the course of a role-playing game begins, it is always supervised by one of the players who will act as the director or game master. He is the guide and narrator of the game, the one who describes the scenes, a fundamental part that will tell the story and act as a mediator between the players who participate. In addition, you can also play the characters that are not characterized by the other players, such as the secondary characters. Another role of the principal is to be responsible for the rules being followed. To do this, it will be the one with the game book at all times.
  • Players: they will be the rest who take other roles or roles different from the game director, who generally play heroes of the story. Each player will have their character sheet, with the characteristics, abilities and other relevant data of the character they have chosen. You can also include other details such as the clothing you are wearing, weapons, abilities, your history, items of power, etc.
  • Maps: they serve to position the characters during the game. They can be cartographic, boards, or 3D scenes, real scenes, props and decoration, etc.

With all this material, the player will decide, with dice chance support, what actions you carry out with your character, and the game director will decide if those actions can be performed or not, the difficulty, and that the rules are respected. Furthermore, the master will also decide what actions the NPCs or non-player characters take.

It is also important to note that role-playing board games they are collaborative, not competitive like other games. Therefore, the players will have to collaborate.

Types of role-playing games

Between the types and variants of role-playing board games are the following categories:

According to the way of playing

According to how to play to a role-playing game, you can distinguish between:

  • Table: which are the ones described in this article.
  • Live: that can be done in natural settings, buildings, etc., with costumes or makeup for characterization.
  • By mail- They can be played in turns using emails, although it is not the best method or the fastest. Now email and instant messaging apps have sped up this process.
  • RPG videogames: the digital version of the tabletop role-playing games.

According to the theme

According to theme or style from the role-playing game, you can find:

  • Logs: based on real events in the history of mankind, such as wars, invasions, the Middle Ages, etc.
  • Fantasy: they usually mix parts of history, generally from the Middle Ages, with elements of fantasy, such as the inclusion of wizards, trolls, orcs, and other mythical creatures. For example, epic-medieval fantasy RPGs.
  • Terror and horror: another of the themes for lovers of this type of content, with mystery, intrigue and fear. The works of HP Lovecraft have inspired many of them. In addition, you will find them of ghosts, monsters, zombies, vampires, werewolves, creatures from scientific laboratories or military research, etc.
  • Uchronía: an alternative reality, which poses what a real event would be like from an alternative perspective. For example, what would the world be like if Germany had won World War II, etc.
  • Future fiction or science fiction: based on a future of humanity, or in space. There are many variants here, such as games based on a post-apocalyptic world, on the colonization of planets, cyberpunk, etc.
  • Space Opera or epic-space fantasy: a subgenre related to the previous one, but where science fiction is just one more ingredient of the setting. An example would be the fictional universe of Star Wars, where there is science fiction, but it happens in an almost mythological past.

How to choose the appropriate role-playing game

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Choose a good game The role-playing table is quite simple, since you simply have to focus on several key points, such as:

  • Age: it is very important, as in other board games, that the age for which it has been designed is identified. Not all have content suitable for all ages, as they can include images for adults, bad words, and even that are too complex for minors. It is important to identify which age ranges they will play, and go for the appropriate ones.
  • Number of players- Another factor to consider is the number of players they support. If you are going to play with many friends or family, it is important that enough players or teams are admitted, so that no one is left out.
  • Theme: this is a matter of taste, and you must choose the one that best suits your preferences. There are science fiction, type dragons and dungeons, with a cyberpunk theme, apocalyptic, etc.
  • Deployment possibilities: Most role-playing games involve using a board or don't need anything special. However, some may require more space to spread out, or additional material. It is important that you take into account your possibilities and if you can properly play the role-playing game in the space you have and with the resources you have, if it can be played in open spaces, etc.
  • Customization capacity: some role-playing games support a high degree of customization, being able to add your own characters or figures, create decorations to use as a game board, etc. Makers and lovers of DIY and crafts, surely prefer this type of role-playing games, which will also help them develop their creativity and imagination to create their own versions. For example, some simply include a book with instructions and a story, and the setting can be created by you. Others may include so-called modules or scenarios that make your job easier.
  • Professional role-playing games: some are somewhat complex and are intended more for professionals of this type of genre. Although amateurs can also learn and become pro, but they may not be the best to start with.

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