Where to download royalty-free music?

music without copyright

Not just film, television and advertising professionals. Who wants to upload a video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other online platform, You must ensure that your material, if it is set to music, is with copyright-free music.

And this also applies to sounds in the environment, in music that exceeds 20 seconds in duration, material attached to texts that are published in blogs or specialized pages, etc.

Controls and more controls

If there is one sector that has been hit by technological developments, it has been the recording industry. With each new application, piracy of musical compositions and illegal downloads has only grown. And while it is easier for record labels to reach their target audience, it is also easier for "music dealers."

Pressured by a sector that refuses to disappear, or at least the world stops considering them essential, web platforms have had to develop control methods to avoid music copyright violations.

The battle against piracy on the network no longer only includes the fight against sites that illegally distribute music. It is also focused on making sure that everything that is heard generates benefits for artists, but more than anything, to record companies.

The end does not justify the means

This was the policy that Google began to use through YouTube, in an attempt to control the indiscriminate dissemination of music. Videos in which a song is heard clearly, without the corresponding permissions, you run the risk of being eliminated. Or at least silenced.

The same principle was adopted by other web platforms, without matter whether the material pursued some didactic or educational purpose.

Although, as seems to be the norm in these cases as well, the most advanced users in the management of networks and computing soon discovered how to cheat the system. At the moment, it looks like a war that will never end.

Download music without copyright. Practical and legal solution

For those who have to upload audiovisual materials to the network and do not want to run the risk of ending up offline. Regardless of whether it is a non-commercial video or a school football game, the best is add royalty-free music.

The network offers a wide number of sites that make songs of all kinds available to users.. Some even seek to evoke, without remorse, easily identifiable commercial sounds.

These platforms are also a very efficient window for new artists looking to push their art forward. In this way, they offer their creations in exchange not only for diffusion, but for the respective credit.

The pages that host this content are a good place to find innovation and creativity. With a little patience, truly outstanding jobs can be found, ideal for getting out of the ordinary a bit.



To find and download royalty-free music, Jamendo is currently the most popular site. In addition, it is a platform where the actual task of downloading the files is quick and easy. Likewise, it has become an indispensable tool for emerging artists.

Its database is extremely wide, including an almost unlimited variety of musical genres and styles.. Those who pursue a purely commercial purpose with the use of music, can acquire the rights of use without limitations at low onerous costs.


This is a social network for musicians, thought by musicians, which would be an equivalent to what Pinterest represents in terms of photography. Although its use has extended beyond the purely artistic and musical, among other things because news agencies and web sites of all kinds use it to host and distribute informational clips.

Most of the music available on Soundcloud is licensed under the Creative Commons license. This allows its reuse, as long as the resulting material is not for commercial purposes. The rest of the available files do not include any type of restriction.

Besides being a good source for downloading royalty-free music, it works as a “music social network”, In the exact sense of this concept. Users are free to comment on other people's work; In addition to sharing on their own networks, the content of other users.


This is another platform by and for musicians, but designed exclusively for the Spanish-speaking market. Its initial premise is to break with the monopoly system of large companies. They propose that it be the artists who benefit financially from the sales of their work. Starting from this same principle, the page is built under open source parameters.

bend sound

The bank of songs and sounds offered by Bendsound is quite extensive; everybody files can be reused without limitations. The only condition imposed is to give credit to both the portal and the artist, within the new creations.

But for those who want to use music without having to publicly acknowledge where they got it, there is an option. As simple as paying an amount (or what is equal to a license per use) at the time of download.



The Google-owned platform is not only the world's largest window for music broadcasting. It's also a place to get royalty-free music.

The portal has a section known as YouTube Audio Library. A large library from where songs can be purchased to be freely reused. Additionally, a very extensive sound bank and sound effects, perfect complement to the work of many audio and video editors.

To track a particular sound, clips are organized by genre, instrumentation type, mood, or duration. And what is even more practical, the download runs directly within the page itself, by clicking on the respective icon. Without having to install any additional add-ons to the browser or having to use external portals, which are often of doubtful legality.

Image Sources: YouTube / Jamendo

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