The best children's movies of all time

Children's Movies

Between ranking of the most successful cinema at the box office of the year, children's films often occupy a prominent place. Last year, for example, 2016, four of the top five grossing films were for children.

Television and cinema, always supervising their contents, can be used to educate, and also to enhance the imagination and creativity of the smallest of the house. In addition, many values ​​can be transmitted, such as tolerance, friendship, respect, etc.

'SHREK', 2001

Es a wonderful fairy tale, where there is a reversal of traditional film roles. I mean, this time it is the ogre who save the princess from falling into the hands of a prince who does not have very good children. However, the princess also has her own character. And to this we must add a terrible dragon that keeps her kidnapped and that hides a tender heart under its frightening appearance.


The cook rat taught the little ones the love of cooking. It is the art of combining traditional cuisine with haute cuisine, the most innovative. All this in a display of adventures, good humor, and the best animation.


The biggest The world's scary company is called “Monstruos SA”. One of their best workers is called James P. Sullivan, and he is dedicated to scaring children, although it is not always an easy job.

One fine day, a little girl sneaks into the company, causing absolute chaos.

The film received the Oscar for best songIn the year 2001.

'TOY STORY', 1995

When Little Andy's toys rebel at the possibility of new birthday gifts, Buzz Lightyear arrives, a space hero gifted with all kinds of technological advances. Andy's favorite toy so far has been the cowboy Woody.


In the African savanna they develop the adventures of Simba, a little lion who is the heir to the throne. When he is wrongly accused by the evil Scar of his father's death, he has to flee and go into exile. During his exile, he will make the best friends and will try to return to recover what is rightfully his.


The Nemo fish is an only child, he is very loved and protected by his father. When it is fished on an Australian reef it ends up in a fish tank at a Sydney dentist's office. His introverted father then begins a dangerous adventure to rescue him. Nevertheless, Nemo and his new friends also have a cunning plan to escape the fish tank and return to the sea.


We are in Prehistory and an earthquake has destroyed the rustic and weak house of the Grug family. They have to find their home elsewhere, in an unfamiliar and terrifying world. There they will meet an open-minded nomad who conquers everyone, especially Grug's daughter.


From the craziest scientific experiments, the largest capitals and cities around the world are attacked by fast food. After many attempts, Judi Burret manages to create something that really works: a machine that makes food fall from the sky.


'MULAN', 1998

In the Chinese border, bounded by the Great Wall, the relentless Shan Yju, chief of the Huns, leads the great invasion of the country, followed by his huge army. The emperor, very powerful, but with certain times, is forced to claim a man from each family to join the Imperial Army.

Far away, in a village, he lives Mulan, the only daughter of the Fa family, who instead of looking for a boyfriend as tradition dictates, has interest in joining the military to prevent his elderly father from being drafted. Her hard training will begin and Mulan will have to show her character to earn the respect and admiration of the rest of her teammates and the handsome Captain Shang.


La most beautiful little mermaid, heir to the royal family of the sea, curious about the human world. Such is his curiosity that he asks his friends, the dolphin and the whale, to tell him about these strange beings, who walk the earth on two legs. One day he watches a handsome prince who is thrown into the sea by a storm. The little mermaid saves him and takes him to shore. That is the beginning of a romantic adventure.


The Wonderful World of Tim Burton, with its impossible moons, its thin dolls and those eyes like porcelain plates that touch us. The mastery of the image, light and darkness, associated with a great poetic capacity. The apparently sinister becomes the everyday universe, a reality as moving as it is magical, a place where dreams come true.


When a group of grasshoppers assaults, like every summer, the ant colony where Flick lives, In order to get hold of the provisions they have gathered during the winter, it is time to make a decision.

One good day, tired of such abuse, Flick leaves the anthill and goes in search of warrior insects to help them defend themselves from the fearsome grasshoppers. However, you will find something very different ...


The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, is in charge of Check out the ghoulish delights, chilling scares and surprises that are sent to the real world. However, the routine bores him.


By chance one day stumbles upon an entrance to Christmas Town and he remains enthusiastic about the colors, the toys and the joy that is lived there.

In the back to his "business", excited about taking control of the wonderful city, convinces his subjects to help him replace Santa Claus.

'CARS', 2006

Lightning McQueen is the aspiring racing champion that seems to have no limit or rival. However, one day he has a mistake and goes down a wrong route.

His haughty and arrogant life scheme vanishes when he reaches a small forgotten community that teaches you the important things in life that you had forgotten.

'ALADDIN', 1992

When a young teenager discovers an old oil lamp, he realizes that, when rubbing, from inside it comes out a genius who promises to grant you all your wishes. An intimate friendship is emerging between the two.

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