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When posting a video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or any other platform that supports audiovisual materials, you have to comply with certain basic rules. One of them: having songs without copyright. Unless, of course, it is your own musical creation or broadcast licenses have been acquired.

Many editors, producers and in recent times, "youtubers", have found that their works have been removed from the network, for violations of copyright laws. 

Protection systems

To avoid the indiscriminate use of protected content, all applications have algorithms that detect any infringement. The most “famous” is the YouTube Content ID.

 This system is capable of detecting plagiarism or unauthorized use of artistic licenses, not only at the sound level. It also monitors and scans the strictly visual.

Songs without copyright: free and legal options

As is almost always the case, the network imposes the restrictions, but offers the solutions itself. YouTube, a world leader in the dissemination of audiovisual materials, in addition to taking extreme care of compliance with copyright laws, has its own Free Royalty Music section.

Is YouTube Audio Library. As its name points out, It is a library of music files, with the particularity that they are songs without copyright. The themes are classified by moods, genre and instruments. In most cases, they do not exceed three minutes in length.

More options on YouTube


In addition to the “official” YouTube Audio Library list, the music social network owned by Google houses a very high number of channels with a single mission. And this is none other than offer the public a fairly wide catalog of songs without copyright.

Most of these libraries are organized following the patterns used by the platform itself to catalog its files. This is how many of the playlists are identified according to a particular mood.

Between the many channels of songs without copyright On YouTube the following stand out: Audio Library, Vlog No Copyright Music and No Copyright sounds. Other options are Musicop 64, Music for Creators, and Majestic Casual.

How It Works

Although some of these channels allow the use and dissemination of their musical materials without conditions, in most cases certain demands must be met. Namely:

  • Place the corresponding credit (author and name of the melody) within the audiovisual material itself.
  • Specify, in the video description tab, not only the author and name of the music used. It must also be placed the channel link on YouTube (or from an external web page, if applicable) from where downloaded the sound clip.
  • Other users aspire to receive financial compensation in exchange for the use of their music. In these cases, when a video on YouTube generates revenue (generally, this occurs after 50.000 views), 50% is assigned to the channel that owns the broadcast licenses. This is an automated process, which runs at Google's discretion.

Jamendo: free music without restrictions

Regardless of YouTube's position of unquestioned dominance, there are many more places on the net to get songs without copyright. Even of superior quality and variety offered by the Google platform. And as a not inconsiderable added value, many times with fewer restrictions. One of them is Jamedo.

All music available on this site is governed by licenses Creative Commons. This is a rule that allows creators to share their materials in a simple way, reserving all or some rights for themselves.

Downloading all files is free and it runs directly from the page itself through BitTorrent or eMonkey. To avoid controversies, Jamedo issues, along with each download, a digital certificate that guarantees the legal origin of the music extracted from the platform.

Digital record labels

Within the network there are some platforms that function as record labels, with all that this implies, but in an absolutely digital way. One of the most recognized and is magnature.

This American company distributes music of all genres. Its web site has a streaming multimedia player, through which all the available files can be freely listened to. Download is free, as long as it is not for commercial purposes. Otherwise, must be paid for usage rights. Their motto is: "We are a record label, but we are not evil."

On Clasical is an Italian experience that is governed by the same parameters and restrictions of use. However, they differ from Magnature, in that they only distribute classical music. Both pages are two good options for those who carry out audiovisual works of scientific or educational interest.

Soundcloud, the music social network

Founded in 2007 in Stockholm, it was expressly designed to function as a musical social network. However, as it grew in users, its original premise changed substantially. So much so that today it is used even by some news agencies for the dissemination of purely informative clips.

Despite the diversification that came with overcrowding, its central objective is still valid. And this is none other than making it easier for emerging musicians to promote and distribute their musical projects.

All the file available on the page is cataloged as songs without copyright, (applies even to news clips). So it can be freely downloaded. Soundcloud is available to work with more than 100 applications, as well as within the iOS and Android mobile systems.

Bensound: all for the credit

Similar in design and operation to Jamendo, Bensound is another web platform that supports musicians They want to distribute their materials and make themselves known.

The only requirement in return is place inside edited clip -Regardless of the purpose- be placed the respective credit. Both from the page itself and from the composer. It also offers the option to pay compensation, allowing its use without restrictions.

Image Sources: YouTube

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