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Nowadays, conceiving a world without internet is a difficult task. Most people need the World Wide Web to work, buy, sell, research, invest, eat. Also for recreational and entertainment tasks, such as watching series or movies, among other things. Listening to free music is one of the many possibilities.

There are several options. Some are obvious and elementary. Others represent true discoveries, from every point of view. 

Youtube, undisputed leader

To listen to free music on the internet, there is an almost unavoidable platform. The obvious and elementary option for most Internet users on almost the entire planet is YouTube. Virtually all songs, from all eras and from all genres are archived there.

Finding out about the latest industry releases or the most listened to songs is extremely easy. These rankings can also be organized locally (by region) or globally.

Each user can configure as many playlists as they like. You also have the possibility to simply choose some of those already saved by other people in a public way.

As a good son of Google, YouTube quickly learns the personal tastes of each person. That is why the suggestions issued by the web are almost always in line with the playback history.

Different uses derived from YouTube to listen to free music

Those who want to read the lyrics of their favorite songs while listening to them, they have it easy. They can also sing them as if it were karaoke, just activate the extension Musixmatch and ready.

The mobile application is already pre-installed on almost all smartphones and tablets available on the market.. Regardless of brand, model or operating system.

Additionally, Through the Youtube Center, users receive all kinds of help. Among the available options are: hide videos already seen and control automatic buffering. It also allows you to leave only the playback mask “on” and darken the rest of the screen.

YouTube Center

The debt that the music social network maintains with its millions of users is the inability to play music in the background on mobile devices. Currently for this purpose, there are some somewhat elaborate methods depending on the operating system of the device.

In summary, all the music is on Youtube. And the one that is not, does not exist.

Listening to free music online: beyond Youtube

Many Internet users - even some very assiduous and even experts - explore little other options on the net to listen to free music. But everyone should know that life does not end with YouTube.

Es one of the favorite musical digital spaces of many people, mainly due to its basic and intuitive interface. It also stands out for how easy it is to find almost any music file in it.

On the home page, more than 70 different genres organized alphabetically serve as initial showcase netizens as they decide what to listen to.

As well has a search engine right in the header, so that those who are after a specific song can find it without major difficulties.

Android users have a special application that efficiently fulfills the same tasks of the web on mobile phones.

To enter the page and enjoy the musical experience, it is not necessary to register or create a user. Every person with a Facebook profile is already welcome.

This page makes available to Internet users more than 30.000 radio stations around the world to listen to free music. Many of these radios transmit in a traditional way via frequency modulation (FM). There are also a good number of stations that can only be heard online. There are those that only "upload" to the podcast network.

One of the advantages it offers is that prioritizes the lists of available stations according to geographic area. Similarly, it has lists discriminated by musical genre or radio style (youth, adult, sports, cultural, etc.).

As well has a search engine placed right in the middle of the home page. With it, users will find just the station, music or style they want to listen to.


Just as YouTube is the musical social network, SoundCloud is the social network for musicians.

This Swedish platform founded in 2007 and now established in Berlin, was born with the premise that emerging artists can make their proposals known.

The site player can easily be embedded in other web pages or social media profiles. This makes sharing content a simple task.


However, since august 2015 it has quite a significant limitation. For reasons that have not been clarified, direct playback from Facebook is not available.

SoundCloud has official mobile applications, both for iOS and Android.


This is another digital medium that puts radio stations from all over the world at the click of a button.

More than 100.000 music stations are available for free in its catalog and 5,7 million podcats.

It has a payment option, through which its users will have access to live sports broadcasts and special events. This option also allows you to enjoy music without commercial interruptions.

At those who want to be aware of the news that are trending, offers the informational services of communicational emporiums. This is the case of large communication empires, such as the BBC, CÑN or ESPN, among many others.

Available to all users, There are thousands of audiobooks of various genres.

 La navigation on mobile devices it is supported by the official applications developed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

To listen to free music, This website, as its name suggests, is a good option.

 It does not have its own music files. It takes them from other platforms like Youtube or SoundCloud and organizes them according to genres or artists.

The site also has its own online radio, in which music does not stop playing 24 hours a day.

Song lyrics, list of concerts in America and Europe and even chat rooms, are some of the windows that complement the musical experience.

Image sources: PingMod / YouTube

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