The names of the Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses

There is a magical world to which we have been exposed practically since we are born: I mean the world of Disney and the infinity of characters that have been created around it. It is inevitable to associate the studio with enchanted castles, fantasy, adventures and of course: its classic princesses. Get to know all the Disney Princesses and their history throughout this article. Disney Princesses represent the most valuable franchise of The Walt Disney Company.

We have at our disposal dozens of animated films whose protagonists are beautiful young women with different stories that teach us values ​​such as friendship, courage, kindness, independence, respect for our fellow man and the fight for true love, to name a few examples. Although there is a debate around the interpretations of each story, we cannot deny that their stories are internationally known and that they have marked the first years of life of many girls since the beginning of the last century. That is why this time the timeline of its launch is presented on the big screen, as well as a brief review of the story the movie studio decided to tell.

For commercial reasons, the film studio divides all of its characters into franchises. Disney Princesses began in 1937 and is made up of eleven characters so far: Snow White (1937), Cinderella (1950), Aurora (1959), Ariel (1989), Bella (1991), Jasmine (1992), Pocahontas (1995), Mulán (1998), Tiana (2009), Rapunzel (2010 ) and Mérida (2012).

Snow White

It was the first of the Disney princesses that the study brought to big screen in 1937 and that represented the launch of the franchise.

Created by Grimm brothers, Snow White is a very young princess with a big heart: She loves to live with nature and animals and lived in a castle with her evil stepmother who always felt threatened. The story unfolds when the evil stepmother consults her magic mirror and he reveals that her beauty has been surpassed by that of her stepdaughter. The evil queen goes mad with envy and decides to eliminate Snow White to regain the title of the most beautiful woman in the kingdom; the vassal in charge cannot finish the task entrusted and advises the princess to flee never to return.

Snow White embarks on a journey where she meets seven dwarves with very peculiar personalities, they immediately become best friends and decide to invite her to stay with them. Everything was going wonderfully, until one bad day, the queen discovers her stepdaughter's lair and appears at her door disguised as an elderly woman in need whom our protagonist feels sorry for. In gratitude, as part of an evil plan, the old woman rewards his attention and gives him an apple, which was poisoned. As expected, in the first bite the young woman collapses and falls into a deep sleep from which she would never wake up.

When his friends return from work at the mine, they discover the body of Snow White and go after the old woman, who dies after falling off a cliff. Not daring to bury her, the seven dwarves decide to honor their friend and her beauty in a glass urn to which they brought flowers every day. A short time later, Prince Florian appeared who had always been in love with her. When he is moved to see his girlfriend prostrate, he decides to give her a kiss that wakes her up from deep sleep.


The premiere of the film took place in 1950 and the character was created by Charles Perrault however the most popular version of the fairy tale was published by the Grimm brothers.

The story is about a young woman who was orphaned of a mother from birth and was under the care of her beloved father, who died years later. Cinderella was left in the custody of her stepmother and she was forced to take care of the housework and to satisfy the demands of her stepsisters. Hoping for a better world, she always strived to see the bright side of life; Despite the hard daily chores of the home, he always kept his spirit happy and full of kindness.

Meanwhile, the king decided that it was time for his only son to marry. So he organized a great ball in the palace to choose his future wife, all the maidens of the kingdom were summoned to the event. Cinderella arranged her best dress to attend, however the stepsisters and the evil stepmother destroyed her dress to eliminate the possibilities of attending the event since her beauty took away their opportunities. Heartbroken, she begins to cry bitterly.

Minutes later her fairy godmother appears, who comforts her by means of a spell with her magic wand and transforms the rags she was wearing into the most beautiful dress she could have ever imagined. The same that came accompanied with shiny glass slippers and a dazzling carriage; however the spell was temporary and would end at midnight. Obviously, as soon as the prince sees Cinderella enter the room, he is stunned by her beauty and invites her to dance. After walking around the palace and enjoying the evening with the charming prince, Cinderella hears the twelve o'clock chimes and without further explanation, he starts running towards his carriage. The prince goes after her and tries to stop her without success, the only trace that remained of her was a slipper that accidentally fell during the flight.

Falling in love with the mysterious woman, the prince orders her search and demands that his servants search for her throughout the kingdom. He asked that the slipper be tried on every maiden in the kingdom. After a series of misfortunes that Cinderella has to go through, the prince finally locates her and proposes to her. This is how our protagonist becomes a princess at that moment.


Better known as Sleeping Beauty, it was a story that debuted in 1959 and was created by Charles Perrault and later adapted by the Brothers Grimm.

The plot centers on a curse cast for the little Aurora, who being a baby, is bewitched by the evil Maleficent who destined the princess to fall into an eternal sleep when she turned sixteen and was pricked with the spindle of a spinning wheel. The curse could only be undone by a kiss of true love.

The king, in an attempt to free his daughter from such an unfortunate fate, sent the little girl to live with three fairies: Flora, Primavera and Fauna. Who raised Aurora as a niece and concealed her true royal ancestry. On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, the fairies sent Aurora to collect strawberries to prepare a cake and it was there that she met Prince Philip who was hunting in the forest, it was love at first sight and they agreed to meet again.

Aurora was taken to the palace to celebrate her birthday and tell her the truth about her past, however Maleficent hypnotized her and sent her to a remote place in the palace where the last distaff of the kingdom existed. This was how the prophecy was fulfilled and Princess Aurora fell into eternal sleep. They decided to protect her in the castle tower by keeping a rose on her lap.

The fairies located Prince Philip, as they heard the rumors of the brief encounter he had with Aurora. Yet he was trapped by Maleficent so that he could never undo his curse. Fortunately, the fairies helped Felipe escape the clutches of Maleficent who turned into a dangerous dragon. After a challenging confrontation, the prince won and was finally able to meet Aurora again to kiss her and reverse the curse.


Younger daughter of King Triton, Ariel is a little mermaid whose life under the sea was full of adventure. His feature film was released in 1989 and the character was created by Hans Christian Andersen.

His obsession with the world outside the sea, took The Little Mermaid to explore the surface on multiple occasions in the company of his best friends Sebastián and Flounder. On one of her adventures, Ariel witnessed a strong storm where the crew were in danger. It was there that she met Eric, a handsome prince whom she saved and brought to the seashore. She fell in love at first sight and began to sing to him. When the prince came to, he had the opportunity to hear her and see her face; however Ariel had to flee seconds later as other people came to Eric's rescue.

The king forbids Ariel to return to the surface; however she was determined to find Eric. That is why he pacts with the most powerful witch in the oceans: Úrsula. Who promised to turn her into a human in exchange for her beautiful voice under one condition: If on the third day on land she had not gotten the kiss of her prince, Ariel would return to the ocean and become his slave. The Little Mermaid accepted without hesitation and emerged to the outside world where she quickly found Eric, he instantly recognizes her face and asks her name to which Ariel. She cannot answer as she had no voice. Disillusioned, he assumes that she is not his mysterious wife, but in the same way, Eric offers accommodation and that is when the coexistence revives the attraction that emerged in their first meeting.

On the third day a woman appears singing on the seashore, the moment the prince hears her, he is hypnotized and decides to marry her since he was certain that she was the woman who saved his life. Upon hearing the news, Ariel is devastated. His friend Scuttle, who is a seagull, discovers that the future girlfriend was actually Ursula. So he devises a plan to warn King Triton and sabotage the wedding.

In the middle of a scandal starring marine animals, dusk arrives without the wedding having concluded and Ariel and Úrsula return to their original form. At that moment the prince realizes his mistake and tries to save Ariel, however it was late and Ariel had an agreement to respect. Triton demands Ariel's freedom and offers to switch places with her. Gladly, the witch accepts and takes possession of the kingdom. Moments later Eric appears and wounds the witch with a harpoon, causing an accident that ends the lives of her servant eels. In a fit of fury, Úrsula grows in size and becomes a giant being and causes a storm with a whirlpool in the sea.

Eric and Ariel are in danger, but in a moment of luck, Eric finds a sunken ship that manages to maneuver the bowsprit through Úrsula's body, ultimately achieving her death. With this, all curses launched by the witch were undone and King Triton was once again released. Realizing the true love that his daughter and the prince had, Triton grants Eric permission to marry his daughter, so turned Ariel back into human so that they would live happily ever after.


Beauty and the beast it was released in theaters in 1991 and is based on the story created by Jeanne Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

Bella is a very intelligent and ambitious young woman who is not satisfied with what the world that surrounds her offers her; She lives with her father Maurice and is addicted to reading. Gastón is the name of her suitor, he is a renowned hunter that Bella always rejects. The film begins when a long time ago, a selfish prince is punished by an old sorceress when he realizes that there was no goodness in his heart: He turns him into a Beast and casts a spell on his entire castle, including every person within him. The only way to break the spell is to make someone fall in love with him before an enchanted rose finishes withering.

On the other hand, Bella's father is captured in the haunted castle. She goes to his rescue and negotiates with the Beast by exchanging her freedom for her father's. The deal is closed and the protagonist begins to meet all the talking and very hospitable objects that make friends with her. After a misunderstanding with the Beast, Bella escapes from the castle. In the middle of the forest she meets some hungry wolves that were about to attack her, at that moment the Beast appears to her rescue. That incident marked the beginning of a great friendship as Bella returned to the palace and began to enjoy her stay in it.

Meanwhile in the village, Maurice was trying to get the necessary help to rescue his daughter. However, he could not convince anyone to help him until Gastón had the idea of ​​accusing him of dementia and blackmailing Bella into marrying him in exchange for avoiding his father's confinement in a mental hospital.

Back in the palace, the Beast decides to organize a great dinner for Bella, he had fallen in love with her and needed if his love was reciprocated. At the end of the evening, the Beast offers Bella to see her father through a magic mirror and finds an unpleasant image of her father in a rather difficult situation; so the Beast frees her so she can go rescue him. He gives her the mirror and she leaves the castle, leaving the Beast and all the servants heartbroken. The hope of breaking the spell was gone and time was running out.

When Bella finds her father, she takes him home to take care of him. Moments later Gastón appears with a doctor from the psychiatric hospital accusing Maurice of madness, many villagers accompanied them. Gastón makes his offer: Bella's hand in exchange for her father's freedom. Bella refuses and shows them the Beast through the magic mirror to check that her father was sane. Influenced by Gastón, the townspeople decide to kill the Beast because they consider him dangerous. Bella tries to prevent the chase and is locked in the basement, however she manages to escape thanks to Chip, a talking cup that followed her when she left the castle and they undertake the journey back to the castle to warn the Beast.

The inhabitants of the castle realize the threat that was approaching, they elaborate an attack plan and they manage to drive away all the inhabitants with the exception of Gastón. He was determined to murder the Beast that Beauty had fallen in love with., so when he finds it, a great fight breaks out. Bella manages to visualize them when she reaches the castle and rushes up to stop the fight.

The moment the Beast sees Bella again, he regains his will to live and in a moment of distraction, Gastón attacks him from behind, producing an almost fatal wound. In the following moments, Gastón dies when he falls from one of the castle towers. Bella runs to help the Beast and just when she confesses her love, he loses consciousness and Bella cries bitterly. Seconds later, a rain of light begins that little by little turns the Beast into a handsome man, Bella recognizes him right away and they seal their love with a kiss. The spell is broken and all the inhabitants become people again.


She is the protagonist of the famous aladdin movie, released in 1992, the original story is part of the book The Thousand and One Nights of Syrian origin and which was translated by Antoine galland.

Jasmine is the princess of the city of Agrabah, she feels suffocated by life full of restrictions that her royal position entails, so she decides to escape from the palace dressed as a commoner. It is on one of those walks where he meets Aladdin, a young thief whose best friend is a monkey. They spent the afternoon together and talked until they got to know each other, at the end of the afternoon Aladdin is arrested. The princess reveals her identity and demands her friend's release, however the officers apologize claiming that they are direct orders from Jafar and that they cannot be disobeyed. Jasmine immediately goes to Jafar to demand that Aladdin be released, however Jafar lies to her and says that he has been executed.

Aladdin escapes and is sent on a mission where he gets a magic lamp and a flying carpet. The lamp had captured a genie who would grant his master three wishes. So he decides to go after his beloved Jasmine and wants to become a prince. The genie grants his wish so he has the opportunity to attend the palace to woo the princess and have the opportunity to marry her. After a romantic walk Jasmine recognizes him and Aladdin explains that she also uses to dress like normal people to escape her life.. They fall in love and decide to get married.

When Jafar finds the magic lamp, he discovers Aladdin's farce and takes possession of the city: he captures the sultan and the princess and reveals Aladdin's true identity. Finally the villain becomes the most powerful genius in the universe by his own wish and is locked in a magic lamp by means of a trap. The princess is finally able to reunite with her beloved Aladdin and they obtain the sultan's permission to marry.


She is the only princess of American ethnic origin. Released by the study in 1995 and created by Glen Keane.

She is a young woman with a free spirit and with great strength. She is the eldest daughter of the chief of the tribe and has been engaged since childhood with an important warrior named Kocoum; however she never feels true love for him.

When settlers arrive in his village, he meets John Smith, with whom he begins a friendship and later his feelings deepen. When the princess's fiance realizes the situation, he challenges John in a match where Kocoum dies. The tribe take John prisoner and sentence him to death.

Pocahontas saves her beloved from execution, however her love cannot continue as John Smith has to leave for London and she cannot accompany him. Their love is paused and they say goodbye.


He debuted on the big screen in 1998, She is a brave woman of Asian origin and despite not having any royal title, she is promoted to the rank of princess due to the great feat accomplished by her country.

The plot unfolds during a war in which each family had to send a male to battle. Meanwhile, Mulan was under training to become an exemplary future wife. She was unhappy with her predestined fate and decides to run away from home to help her people in the war. He pretends to be the male of his family and begins his preparation for combat.

After many setbacks, she finally acquires the necessary skills and thanks to her and her tactics, they manage to win the battle and prevents the death of the Emperor. The people recognize her heroic actions and commemorate her by offering her an important post in the army, which she refuses to return to her family.


She is the protagonist of the film Tiana y el Sapo, which was released in 2009. She is characterized by being the first princess of color within the world of Disney. It is based on the book written by ED Baker and the Brothers Grimm.

Tiana is a young waitress who dreams of one day having her own restaurant, she had the perfect place in mind. However, he learned that the place was about to be sold to a very good bidder and his illusions were destroyed.

It was there that he met Prince Naveen, turned into a toad for leading a full, carefree and lazy life. The prince would maintain that form until he received a kiss, so he convinces Tiana to kiss him in exchange for giving him part of his fortune to achieve the dream of being the owner of his restaurant. She accepts but the plan goes wrong and Tiana ends up turned into an amphibian as well, so the two go on an adventure in search of a voodoo priestess to enlist her help.

The journey was full of life lessons and they end up in love with their personalities so they decide to get married, even in their toad form. Surprisingly, by sealing their marriage with a kiss, both characters return to being human and Tiana becomes a princess.


Tangled, is the title of the film in which he stars and which is released in 2010. It is based on one of the stories created by the Brothers Grimm. It is the first Disney princess movie computer produced with 3D animation.

Rapunzel is characterized by her long blonde hair. And the story tells of her birth and the festivity that the kings made in her honor, however she is kidnapped and raised by the evil Gothel who kept her captive in a tower in order to take advantage of the magical powers that her hair contained. For 18 years, the princess lived under the belief that Gothel was her mother and that the outside world was too dangerous.

Meanwhile in the castle a robbery had been carried out, one of the thieves flees and finds refuge where Rapunzel was hidden from the world. He decides to climb the tower, so the princess fights back and knocks him unconscious. Later, she gathers the strength to go out into the outside world, discovers the truth of her past and falls in love with that thief named Eugene whom she finally marries.


The protagonist of the film Indomitable, Merida is a teenage red-haired princess whose story was created by Brenda Chapman and set in medieval Scotland. It was developed by Pixar and Disney.

Her impetuous character prompts her to want to make her own decisions in life since her parents promised their hand in marriage to the son of one of her allies, a treatment that Mérida refuses and that generates chaos in the kingdom due to the challenge of tradition. .

The princess seeks help from an old old woman with whom she negotiates to change her destiny by means of a spell, which transforms her into a bear. With the help of their mother, they seek to reverse the spell through a series of adventures that make Mérida learn the most important values ​​in life.

The story of Merida is different from that of the rest of the Disney princesses, it does not focus on the love she has for a prince. Rather, it talks more about the fraternal relationships between siblings and parents, in the same way it deals with current issues such as the feeling of independence and rebellion that adolescents can show.

Because the stories are still valid, Disney has decided to relaunch live action versions with great success: Cinderella in 2015 and Beauty and the Beast in 2017. It has been announced that the versions of Aladdin and Mulan will be released in the following years.

Where are the rest of the Disney World Princesses?

In addition to the Disney Princesses that make up the franchise, there are many others with relevant stories for the study. Such is the case of Elsa and Anna (Frozen: the kingdom of ice), in addition to Princess Sofia, Moana, Megara (Hercules) and Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). However, they are not considered within the franchise since their launch was recent or not very successful, it is also because some have great success on their own.

However it is very likely that they will be crowned in the next few years since the franchise is always in constant renewal that includes from the costumes to new members.


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