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Spinning is one of the most popular aerobic routines in gyms around the world. It was created by the American cyclist Johnny Goldberg. It owes its name to the exercise bike that he designed and in which he developed the practice. He christened this team spinner.

Goldberg sought to create an exercise routine that went beyond pedaling to the rhythm of music. To do this, he combined his knowledge not only of cycling, but also of Karate and Zen philosophy. The result: a highly effective discipline, but with a low impact on the body.

The success of spinning is based primarily on how effective it is in helping people lose weight. During a 45-minute session, meeting the guidelines of a qualified instructor, up to 600 calories can be burned.

Many high-performance athletes, even professional cyclistsThey include this discipline within their training and physical conditioning routines.

Benefits of spinning

La list of added values ​​received by those who regularly practice spinning, goes far beyond just burning calories:

  • It is a method effective against cellulite in women, also in men.
  • Reduces the appearance of varicose veins. Specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, prescribe special sessions (with qualified monitors) to patients with complicated pictures of tortuous veins.
  • Strengthens the heart, in turn improving the entire circulatory system
  • It is a proven tool to significantly reduce stress levels.
  • Improve people's self-esteem.
  • Helps to shield muscles and bones, so the risk of muscle injuries or fractures is also reduced.
  • Specialists assure that a 65-year-old person who practices spinning 3 or 4 times a week, has better physical and mental state that someone around 45 years of age who does not do any sporting activities regularly.

Important to note: exercise alone "does not work miracles”. For the practice to be successful, it must be accompanied by a balanced diet. It will be useless to burn 500 calories in one session and at the end, have a hamburger with a soda for a snack.

It is also recommended that people who lead sedentary lives and wish to get on the spinner, do it under medical supervision. Although these are exercises of moderate intensity, the endorsement of a trusted specialist is always important. This is much more imperative in people with heart or respiratory problems.

Spinning and music: just follow the beats?

Professional monitors make the musical selection for each of their sessions, following a series of rhythm patterns. Although the list of genres that can be used to accompany exercise on stationary bikes is quite extensive, it is not about selecting music just for fun.

Each song must offer a certain number of beats per minute. And this (depending on the rhythm imposed by the instructor), can be translated into the number of pedaled strokes performed in that interval.

However, the above is not an "exact science" either. Tracks of moderate rhythms allow the precise application of this principle. But in songs that exceed 100 beats per minute, things are not so easy. In these cases, it is literally impossible to pedal while maintaining the ratio of one beat = one turn of the pedal.

In these cases, the instructors mark the intensity of the routines according to other parameters, such as the synchronization of phrases. Another reference to follow is the sounds or rhythms of just one musical instrument.

But beyond counting betas, hits or turns on the pedal, there are several options of songs that can be included in the soundtrack. An ideal option for those who want to practice spinning at home. And even more so when it comes to movie fans.

Caribbean urban genres

Since its appearance in the mid-90s, reggaeton was installed not only in discos around the world. Also in gyms.

Spinning has not been able to resist the trend of the Latin rhythm. No wonder artists like Don Omar or Pitbull are on the playlists of many monitors. From the first, themes such as Kuduro dance o Until sunrise. Of the second, Don't stop the party.

Other options full of Caribbean flow are Limbo de Daddy Yankee o Adrenalin in the voices of Wisin next to Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez.

Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley?

The remixes of classic songs they are ideal for sweating on an exercise bike. Although many do not even imagine it, singers like Sinatra or Presley they also provide beat.

From Frank Sinatra, the remix of My Way performed by Italian DJ Julios Rigotto. From Elvis Presley, the theme A little less conversation, remix work by Dutch DJ (now Soundtrack composer) Junkie XL.

Other classics that tend to be adapted to gyms are Hotel California by The Eagles or Every breath you takeby The Police.

Eminem, Calvin Harris, David Guetta ...

Spotify has become the benchmark for testing music preferences of the public worldwide. In the playlists of music for spinning appear extremely varied names, genres and themes.


Rap with Eminem (Whitout me) or some more "commercial" pop from the hand of the British Calvin Harris. From this DJ the most included songs are pray to god (ft Haim) and Blame (ft. John Newman).

Any piece by David Guetta is, in addition to being synonymous with party, a motivational hymn in any gym. The list of options contributed by the famous French DJ includes titles such as Hey mom (ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojact) or Sexy chick (ft. Akon).

Less electric tracks and closer to rock are also frequent. Within this style stand out beautiful day by U2 or Clocks by Coldplay. Other options: Feel good inc by Gorillaz or something else with more electric guitars and drums like welcome to the jungle from Guns N 'Roses.

Those who exercise at home and are looking for tracks of 40 minutes or more in duration, on YouTube can get what they want in channels like Livebetter or Gym Channel.

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