Meet the flying scooter from Back to the Future

Flying scooter from Back to the Future

Surely you have seen or, at least, heard of the successful film trilogy Back to the Future. The first film was released in 1985 and became the most successful of the year. So great was its success that it was decided to release a sequel four years later with Steven Spielberg as producer! It was en this second movie where the flying scooter from the movie Back to the Future 2 appears.

The three films were starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Loyd as eccentric scientist Emmet Brown. Each film placed the main characters in different eras thanks to the time travel on the DeLorian. Without a doubt, the trilogy meant a significant advancement in the science fiction genre in particular. But above all, the second installment generated great expectations regarding the future and the technological developments that there would be, such is the case of the scooter in the movie. Read on to find out all the details about this new gadget and what's new about it!

The flying scooter from the movie Back to the Future 2

The protagonist is Marty: a 17-year-old teenager who always goes from one place to another on his scooter and that he is also part of a school musical group where he plays the guitar. He has a girlfriend named Jennifer and his best friend is Emmet, a scientist who takes him on a time travel and is mostly identified as "Doc."

The film begins in 1985 and the protagonists travel to the future 30 years. They need to complete a mission on October 21, 2015!

Back to the Future 2 is one of the most successful films in the science fiction genre. The special effects were impressive for their time! Realities as far away as XNUMXD images, flying cars and the scooter that Marty used were raised.

El flying scooter from the movie Back to the Future became an icon for fans of the trilogy. Marty's encounter with such a novel means of transportation was accidental, as it was a means he used to win a fight in a certain part of the plot.

Besides the story we can say, without fear of being wrong, that the most relevant thing in this film was the vision with which the creators shaped the future. The film reflects a possible answer to the eternal question: what will the future be like in some time?

Back to the present… The 30th anniversary of the series is celebrated!

The future caught up with us and the year 2015 arrived! Fans were looking forward to October 21. This, because in the second film, that was the date indicated when the arrival of Marty and Doc to our time would happen.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary, some countries re-released the three films in theaters. A official message from Doctor Emmet Brown to address fans of the saga and shown below:

The expectation was enormous as many surprises could happen. It was an opportunity that companies could take great advantage of! Such is the case with what Nike, Pepsi and Lexus did. This last automotive company presented the first prototype that could be compared to the famous flying scooter from the movie Back to the Future 2.

Is the flying scooter from the movie Back to the Future already a reality?

Several companies have developed prototypes to achieve the model that works the way the scooter in the film did. Lexus, the renowned car brand is one of them

Slide is Lexus' name for the flying scooter and it does float in the air and can glide across the surface! The device uses existing technology: magnetic levitation. That is why, unfortunately, it does not work on any surface, that is, it can only slide on tracks with special magnets.

The Slide scooter works with liquid nitrogen as fuel, for comparison. So once the scooter heats up, it loses levitation and needs to be refilled with nitrogen. The average usage for this flying scooter is approximately 20 minutes. Lexus built in Cubelles, a town located near Barcelona, ​​a special track so that it could be tested.

This flying scooter Its not for sale, for the moment it is only a prototype. Finally, the brand took advantage of the technological development of its Slide and the anniversary of Back to the Future to use it as advertising for its cars.

What to expect now?

Companies continue to research and invest in obtaining the necessary technology to bring the long-awaited flying scooter from the movie Back to the Future.

Hendo is a company that for several years started the project of a flying scooter that can be commercialized. Although the Hendo Hoverboard does not use liquid nitrogen, it still has usage limitations for its launch.

Hendo has used collective collections that have generated interesting amounts of money. What's more has put on sale some prototypes worth 10 thousand US dollars per scooter!

Thanks to research and development work, Hendo has developed several prototypes that he has perfected. I show them in the following image:


Current scooters

The trilogy was released in the 80s, a time when the scooter was particularly popular as a means of transportation and recreation. No one could imagine the possibility of getting one that flew! Definitely the second installment of the trilogy raised expectations in the minds of viewers. Some of them are already part of our daily lives and others are just short of being.

What constitutes a reality is that The goal of many companies is to launch a flying scooter with the same functions as the one used by Marty McFly.

We currently have gadgets available for sale and which have become very popular: I am referring to the electric scooters and that they were inspired by the artifact of the movie.


It is a fact that we are getting closer and closer! It seems that the surprise may come sooner than expected ...

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