Cranberries in Barcelona

Cranberries in Barcelona

  Yesterday they proved it once again. The Irish The Cranberries demonstrated yesterday at the Jardins Pedralbes Festival why ...

ABBA, reunion and memories

ABBA, reunion and memories

The members of the popular Swedish ABBA quartet, separated since 1982, once again took to the stage together at the party ...


McCartney in Madrid

The presence in Madrid of Paul MacCartney last Thursday, June 2, has reminded us all of the genius ...

katy perry back

The return of Katy Perry

Everything seems to indicate that Katy Perry will return to the stage throughout the next year 2017, after a while ...

adele barcelona

Adele conquers Barcelona

Adele has made Barcelona vibrate in her first concert in Barcelona on the new world tour, where ...

beyoncé surprise album

Beyoncé's surprise album

Beyoncé has released an album by surprise and exclusively on the Tidal platform, in which she pays tribute to ...

Prince passes away

Prince dies at 57

At 57 years of age, the singer Prince died Thursday. His real name was Prince Rogers Nelson….

Coldplay Bogota

Coldplay in Bogotá

The British band Coldplay thrilled more than 40 thousand attendees who attended on April 13 at the ...

Rolling, blues record

Rolling, blues record

The Rolling Stones are finalizing a new album of "blues", which will alternate new songs and classic versions. According…

Manolo Tena leaves us

Manolo Tena leaves us

Manolo Tena has died at the age of 64, according to information from the SGAE and Efe. The singer…

News Status quo

News on Status Quo

Extended double CD editions of the three most classic Status Quo albums are now on sale,…

Britney addictions

Britney's addictions

Britney Spears has been through different addictions. Of those first images of the Princess of Pop that revolutionized the scene ...

bedroom music

The best bedroom music

For all those people with problems when it comes to falling asleep, or those who want an environment ...

Melendi turns

Melendi's new tour

Melendi opens tour, and she does it in Getafe, at the Juan de la Cierva sports center, on May 13 ...

memoirs prince

Prince's memories

Prince has announced that he is writing the memoirs of his life. The book will have the title of "The beautiful Ones", ...

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa, a new star

Her name is Dua Lipa, and everything indicates that she will be one of the great stars of the pop scene, in ...

beatles rarity

The Beatles, up for auction

In the next few weeks, a Beatles vinyl will go up for auction, considered a rarity and abandoned in an attic ...

Tour M Clan

Acoustic M-Clan

Next April 1 begins “Desarmados”, the new acoustic tour of M-Clan. With a total of 14 rooms,…

Loquillo returns

Loquillo returns

Loquillo returns. With the same force as always. And a really exciting project. Next April 22 will go out to ...

Grammy Awards

Grammy 2016

Once again, pop has won. The album "1989" by Taylor Swift has won three awards, including ...

krarftwerk arrives in bilbao

Kraftwerk in Spain

Kraftwerk has confirmed their next visit to Spain, where they will present their long-awaited series of concerts in three dimensions, with the ...

eurovision target

It's already underway: Eurovision Goal

Next Monday, February 1, Televisión Española will present "Objective Eurovisión", a space that will be conducted by the presenter Anne Igartiburu, and where we will meet the representative of our country for the 61st edition

to latin rhythm

Niña Pastori to Latin rhythm

The song “Ámame como soy” by Niña Pastori has been released to the market with a Latin rhythm, a kind of integration between salsa and Latin rhythms, interpreted with a very special flamenco voice.

Madonna plays Bowie

Madonna plays Bowie.

Since the recent death of David Bowie, there are many artists who have wanted to leave their particular tribute to one of the greatest in the history of music. They have done it with their comments and participation in networks, forums and all kinds of events, and also in their concerts.

Coke Malla is back

Coke Malla is back

On February 19 comes the new Coque Malla, "The last man on Earth." It is a mature album.

091 again

Rock is back from 091

As if they had not left, as if they were still after so many years with us, the tickets for their first concerts of 2016 have sold out with surprising notice.

Serrat turns 72

72 years of ... Serrat

Today December 27, 2015, the versatile Joan Manuel Serrat turns 72. Barcelonian with a Catalan father and Aragonese mother, he began actively in the world of music when he formed a group with three friends at the age of 20. In 1965 it was his first appearance in a public broadcast medium, on Radio Barcelona.

gray Erlo

The new from Grises arrives: Erlo

In the first months of 2016, the expected launch of a collection of songs under the title “Erlo” will hit the scene. It will be his fourth album of his career. "Erlo" has just been mastered in London, under the direction of John Davis (producer of works for REM, U2, among others).

Beatles streaming

The Beatles, now streaming

According to independent sources, an agreement with Universal Music will make it possible for the Beatles catalog to be available for the first time in history in streaming starting tomorrow, December 24.

For Christmas, Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is back for Christmas

After her more than 25-year career, Kylie Minogue has entered Christmas this year with force and has done so with a massive concert that has been held at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London.


Scorpions, 50th anniversary tour

In the minds of all Scorpions fans, the memory of their last visits to Spain still remains, the enormous response they got at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid and their show at the Rock Fest Barcelona delivery as headliner.

Tour 2016

Alejandro Sanz, tour 2016.

A new tour of Spain is announced throughout 2016, which is about to enter. As in previous tours, the concerts will be in summer.

tour 2016

In 2016: Il Divo

Among the most promising posters of 2016 is the presentation of Il Divo's tour, with his new hit, the album “Amor & Passion”.

Tour Chaos, from Malú

Malú on tour in Spain.

Malú has presented the dates of his desired Tour Caos, where he will present his album “Caos”, on sale for a few weeks.

Grammyty Awards Contest

Grammy Awards 2016

The 58th edition of the Grammy Awards is already underway. These are the most media awards, and the ones that arouse the greatest number of followers and interest.

Kygo, Norwegian airs of modernity.

This Norwegian musician has spent years making the electronic music he produces heard on the most important tracks and festivals in the world.

Hot Chip in Bilbao!

The Bilbao BBK Live surprises again and again with the bands that it incorporates to its line-up. In 2016, Hot Chip will visit us from the United Kingdom

Scott Weiland passes away

Scott Weiland dies

Scott Weiland, one of the already mythical voices on the music scene, has passed away. Former soloist of formations such as Stone Temple Pilots.

'Awkan': new recidivist album book

Reoffenders will publish their second book called 'Awkan', not in an autobiographical tone but through an index composed of twelve of their best songs,

American Music Awards 2015

The 2015 American Music Awards are held on November 22. Discover all the nominees and main candidates to win this year. The AMA 2015 !!!

Roger Waters: new album in 2016

Roger Waters will release a new solo album in 2016. Some songs on the next album are brand new and others are about 15 years old.