Karaoke songs

No need to leave home. For those who want to “jump to fame”, some karaoke song ideas.

happy songs

Happy songs

Lifting your spirits with happy songs is an excellent recipe. After all, music gladdens the soul, brings peace to the spirit.

learn English

Songs to learn English

Music is a good ally in almost any learning process. Discovering a new language by singing is perfectly possible. What are the best songs to learn English?

no copyright

Songs without copyright

When posting a video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or any other platform that supports audiovisual materials, certain basic rules must be followed. One of them: having songs without copyright.


The worst group in the world

In 2016, the Barcelona band Sidonie released an album with a striking title: The worst group in the world. Who were they referring to?


Christmas songs

The playlists for the last month of the year are loaded with Christmas songs, Christmas carols, good vibes and best wishes.


Halloween songs

For a full-blown Halloween, there are Halloween songs that cannot be missed. Here we will see some of the most listened to songs.


The most listened songs of 2017

From the list with the most listened to songs of 2017, it seems that reggaetón and the so-called urban Latin rhythms dominated the public's tastes.



Enya is the Irish artist who has sold the most albums in history, only behind U2. She has been a true icon of new age music

Japanese music

Japanese music

Japanese music is often associated with relaxation, meditation, and yoga. Also with peace, calm, tranquility and harmony.

music for yoga

Music for yoga

Using music for yoga is a widespread custom. Professional instructors of this ancient practice make use of soft and pleasant harmonies

medieval music

Medieval music

The Middle Ages is one of the most controversial periods in history. But the production of what we understand today as medieval music was important

Italian music

Italian music

The contribution to the culture and universal history of the arts of Italian music, began even long before this nation was founded.

Latin Grammy

Latin Grammy 2017

At dawn from Thursday to today, Friday, November 17, the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony took place.

electronic music

Best Electronic Music Artists

Electronic music is not new. There are the most varied styles and sub-genres of electronic music. Next, we will do a review.

music without copyright

Music without copyright

Video editors, youtubers and small audiovisual producers often ask themselves, where to get music without copyright?

rock music

Rock music

Rock music was born in the twentieth century as a melting pot in which various styles of popular music merge. Its most direct ancestor is "Rock and Roll".

relax music

Relax music

Music has the ability to provide the listener with a wealth of sensations and emotions. Among the many options, there is relax music.

music from the 60

Music of the 60

The music of the 60s was undoubtedly the bearer of an explosion of change in the world. What styles marked it? What singers and groups?



If there is a social network that has been strongly imposed on adolescents in the United States and Latin America, it is Musically. How does it work?


Pages to listen to free music

Today, conceiving a world without the internet is a difficult task. Listening to free music is one of the many possibilities.

create music

Programs to create music

All you need today to create music is a computer with some power and the right software. What programs are there to create music?


Music for spinning

Spinning is one of the most popular aerobic routines in gyms around the world. But what is the ideal music to exercise it?


Movie Soundtracks

In recent years, film score composers have become stars. Do you know the most important ones?

wake up music

Music to wake up

Starting the day with maximum energy is the challenge of many people. The best music to wake up gives us dynamism, the desire to do many things.

music for training

The best music for training

There are those who need to wear headphones with music to train when running. What kind of music is ideal to motivate yourself to exercise?

music for videos

Music for videos

Finding and choosing the best music for videos doesn't have to be a complicated task. Although for many it involves a headache.

music to make love

The best music to make love

There are musical styles and songs for all occasions. There is even music to make love. Do you know the most romantic songs?

download music

Apps to download music

Legality or illegality? Today, everything is within reach of a click. And to own a song, just download music from the network.

music for meditation

The best music to meditate

The music for meditation should be as calm as possible, not become a distracting element. Its accompaniment must be (almost) imperceptible.

children's music

Best children's songs

Find out which are the best nursery rhymes for babies, to play, have fun, teach and much more. Do you know all this music for children?

Relaxing music

Relaxing music

Do you know the benefits of listening to relaxing music? Enter and discover the best relaxing music for babies, to sleep and much more!


The tours expected for 2017

The new year that has just begun, 2017, is presenting itself as one of the most important, in recent times, in terms of expected tours.

music to sleep

Music to sleep

Looking for music to sleep on? Enter and discover the best songs to relax before going to bed and the benefits of music to sleep.

compose a song

How to write a song

How to write a song for the first time? Having the restlessness and the desire is the main thing. From here there are some guidelines to consider.

Middle Ages

Music of the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is considered the darkest period of humanity. A time of darkness and regression. What kind of music was composed?


Reiki music

Listening to Reiki music can help boost the immune system by helping the body fight disease. Enter to know more!

musical pentagram

The musical staff

Conceiving music without the musical staff is almost impossible. Even for those who are not musicians and with minimal knowledge about this art.

Classical music

The best classical music artists

Establishing a concept of Classical Music can be a difficult task. In general, it usually encompasses almost all orchestral compositions.


What is Coachella?

Coachella is the music festival whose prestige or relevance is questioned by many people. But it is still a world reference.

Manuel Carrasco

Songs by Manuel Carrasco

Manuel Carrasco is today the most popular singer in Spain. 2016 became the year of his definitive consecration.

classical piano music

The best classical piano music

Among classical piano music compositions, examples of all kinds. There are pieces loaded with joy and sadness, madness or regret,

sounds of the sea

The sounds of the sea

The sea is the destination par excellence when it comes to vacations, summer holidays. If there is something that invites you to relax, it is the sounds of the sea.

summer hits

The hits of summer 2017

With the days off and summer, the musical summer hits arrive, some from the warm Caribbean shores, others from further afield.

sleeping babies

Baby sleeping songs

Lullabies and baby bedtime songs are as ancient as man himself, each culture has developed its own songs.


The best of Soul

Born in the United States after the Second World War, Soul is one of the most important contemporary musical genres.

songs of bog sponge

Spongebob songs

12 seasons, 2 movies, a Broadway musical, video games and millions of products sold. What are SpongeBob songs like?


The Dembow has a marked influence of rap and hip hop, its simple and even elemental cadence makes it a natural music for dance.

David Bowie

David Bowie

We must not fall into simplicity and talk only about musical influence, because David Bowie is that and many other things. A social reference of his time.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Soundtrack

A cultural phenomenon of unquestionable significance, Game of Thrones, created by David Benioff and BD Weiss and based on A Song of Ice and Fire.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus stages as a singer

Irreverent, open to sex and a faithful defender of marijuana. This is the transgressive Miley Cyrus that most know and follow.

Los Beatles

Beatles songs

The Beatles as a term, as a concept, is in itself synonymous with quality, innovation, rock and roll (good rock and roll). It is synonymous with music.

sad songs

Remembering sad songs

Music evokes all kinds of feelings. Joy and happiness, well-being, love, emotion and sadness. Almost always out of love and ...

Music for dance

The best music to dance

There is dance music that is exclusively designed to move your skeleton, the best dance music of the last 10 years.

best songs

The best songs ever

What was the first of the best songs in history? It is said that Thomas Alba Edison himself was the first to record a song.

write a song

How to write a song

When it comes to composing and writing a song, there are many different systems and techniques. The first thing is to be clear about the objective.

programs make music

The best programs to make music

These types of programs, designed to make music, and other similar tools, have never been too cheap. But everything has changed.


The music of the 70s

The music of the 70s stands out for the hippie movement, which gave rise to another more complex type of rock: symphonic rock. An interesting musical decade.

piano music

Songs and piano music

Piano music can integrate beautiful melodies, unforgettable songs. Its sounds and the elegance that characterizes it, make the piano essential.

music work

The best music for work

For many people, studying or being in their work day listening to music to work, are inseparable things. It is much less monotonous


The best instrumental music

Little by little, instrumental music has been considered a true genre that is performed entirely on the basis of instruments, without vocal accompaniment.

epic music

The best epic music

The term "epic music" is not fully accepted in specialized musical circles, because it is not yet considered a musical genre of its own

music babies

The best music for babies

Music for babies has a number of associated benefits. Among them, it is about relaxing and calming and lulling the little ones in the house.


The best Celtic music

Celtic music is an extensive musical variety that arises as a result of different melodies of the peoples that coexist with the Celtic folklore of Europe.

study music

The best music to study

It is not always easy to concentrate to study. Among the different techniques that can be used is listening to music to study.

adele trump

Music against Donald Trump

The new President of the United States continues to provoke rejection in a large part of the musical community, with his demonstrations and his covers.


The best songs of 2016

Despite the sad news, 2016 has been a year of great music. The best songs of the year brought us unforgettable moments.

best clips 2016

The ten best music videos of 2016

The different magazines and music pages are looking, at this time, for the best albums, the best artists, the best music videos of the year.

Fidel Castro, music in Cuba

Fidel Castro, music in Cuba

It was the year 2012 when the Government of Raúl Castro ended the veto that was imposed on many Cuban stations on more than 50 artists

The new Drake, breaking the Internet

The new Drake, breaking the Internet

The news from Drake comes from Apple Music that has managed to bring out the more 'Swiftie' side of the rapper for the latest announcement of the company's music service

Leonard Cohen abandons us at 82

Leonard Cohen abandons us at 82

The legendary Canadian singer-songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen died today at the age of 82, as reported on his official profile on the social network Facebook

Lorde's second album is ready

Lorde's second album is ready

We still do not know the title or the release date of it, the singer's fans speculate that this new album could be released next year

Raimon retires at 75

Raimon retires at 75

The well-known 75-year-old artist, and after a long career, will give his last 12 concerts in Barcelona in May 2017

horror songs

Scary songs for Halloween

Tonight is known as the most terrifying night of the year. The atmosphere is necessary, the costumes, the decoration, even the food.

Rock faces Donald Trump

Rock faces Donald Trump

Donald Trump was cited by a great rock star before thousands of people and with the awesome music of Pink Floyd. The message: "Trump, you are a pig"

Liam Gallagher's new solo album

Liam Gallagher's new solo album

It happens from time to time that Liam Gallagher surprises us with statements that carry gunpowder. The last thing is that ...

Carlos Rivera concerts in Spain in 2016

Carlos Rivera will be on tour in our country in December of this year, when he will perform in cities such as Bilbao, Valencia or Barcelona, ​​among others.

The return of Van Gogh's Ear

The return of Van Gogh's Ear

His return has been expected. But everything seems to indicate that they are coming back. Van Gogh's Ear return to ...