music without copyright

Music without copyright

Video editors, youtubers and small audiovisual producers often ask themselves, where to get music without copyright?



If there is a social network that has been strongly imposed on adolescents in the United States and Latin America, it is Musically. How does it work?


Pages to listen to free music

Today, conceiving a world without the internet is a difficult task. Listening to free music is one of the many possibilities.


Music for spinning

Spinning is one of the most popular aerobic routines in gyms around the world. But what is the ideal music to exercise it?

music for training

The best music for training

There are those who need to wear headphones with music to train when running. What kind of music is ideal to motivate yourself to exercise?

download music

Apps to download music

Legality or illegality? Today, everything is within reach of a click. And to own a song, just download music from the network.

music for meditation

The best music to meditate

The music for meditation should be as calm as possible, not become a distracting element. Its accompaniment must be (almost) imperceptible.

Old Morla in solidarity with Lorca

A recital by Vetusta Morla can be downloaded to help rehabilitate the Narciso Yepes de Lorca Conservatory affected by the earthquake that occurred on May 11, 2011.

Lips: Sing in Spanish

Lovers of good music in Spanish are more than anxious with Lips: Canta en Español, the musical franchise ...

Bob Dylan gives a theme

Just for one day, Bob Dylan gives away a song: it is the first of his new album, called «Beyond…

Kings of Leon, UK record

The Kings of Leon continue their impressive success in Great Britain: the Yankee band has now broken a record ...