teenage love

Teen love movies

That period of life in which hormones rampage and the world changes. Moment in which adolescent love and other things are discovered.


The best Netflix series

Netflix came and stayed, to shake the foundations of the audiovisual world. The Californian company changed the way content was disseminated.

christmas movies

The best Christmas movies

Christmas, a time to share with the family. Moments of good wishes, optimism and rejoicing. It's the Christmas movies.

musical movies

The best musical films

Musical movies are never out of fashion. Outside of Hollywood and the United States, the production of musicals has had a specific weight,

to think

Movies to think about

Here is a list of some movies to think about. There is drama, comedy, romance, mystery. Because the cinema gives for everything.

Classic movies

The great Classic movies

It is understood that classic films are par excellence, old, with many years of having been filmed and even in black and white.

the big band

The best series of 2016

The best series of 2016 captivated us with stories for all tastes. Dramatic air, comedies, thrillers, fantasies, adventures, and much more.


This was the Goya 2017 gala

On the night of Saturday, February 4, the 31st edition of the Goya was held. Once again, it was introduced by Dani Rovira.

The Hunger Games

Hunger games movies

The trilogy of "The Hunger Games" is framed in a future time period, which is not defined. Panem is the country where everything happens.

"LOGAN", new data and poster

"LOGAN", new data and poster

New facts about "Logan", the new film about the character of Wolverine, played again by Hugh Jackman, are becoming known.

'Lazaro Project', trailer

Today I bring the trailer for Proyecto Lázaro, an interesting science fiction film directed and scripted by Mateo Gil. With…

Trailer for 'Heidi'

Heidi is the new adaptation of the mythical character that became so famous with the anime series. It seems that…

Rhe warriors

The warriors, serial adaptation

The Warriors was a movie that didn't do very well at the box office. It was also surrounded by controversy because it supposedly incited ...

come back wolverine

On the go ... Wolverine 3

Everything indicates that Wolverine 3 will be the last film where we can see Hugh Jackman playing the most ...

returns 300

300, beyond Greece

Zack Snyder has confirmed that the sequels of "300" could travel in time beyond Ancient Greece….

Dead Pool

Movie billboard in February

February will fill the billboard with interesting movies. There is a bit of everything, both animation and action and comedy films….

Today Roy Batty would be born

Today Roy Batty would be born. And there would still be a few years to be hunted by those hunters who were dedicated to disconnecting replicants.

Star Wars breaks record

2015 world box office record

World box office record 2015. This year has been a very good one for the international film industry. It has grown a lot in relation to other years.

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, Prequel Coming

The Lionsgate studio is thinking of making a new saga of The Hunger Games to the cinema possibly conditioned by the success of the last part