The best board games for the family

board game for family

Few things are better than spending time with your loved ones, with your partner, your family, or your children. Spending days, afternoons and nights playing at home and leaving some of the most memorable moments that will always be remembered. And for this to be possible, you will need some of the best board games for the family. That is, board games that everyone likes, children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

However, given the number of games available and how difficult it is to make everyone equal fun, it is not an easy task to choose. Here we help you to do it, with some of the best recommendations, with best selling and fun what can you find ...

The best board games to play with the family

There are some board games to play as a family that are among the most prominent. True works of art of leisure and fun to spend the best moments with your loved ones and that usually have a wide range of ages, in addition to admitting large groups of players. Some recommendations are:

Diset Party & Co Family

It's the classic Party, but in a special edition for the family. Suitable from 8 years of age. In it you must perform multiple tests when it is your turn, and it can be played in teams. Imitate, draw, mimic, answer questions, and pass fun quizzes. A way to improve communication, visualization, team play, and overcome shyness.

Buy Party & Co.

Trivial Pursuit Family

A game suitable for all ages from 8 years old. It is the classic question and answer game, but in a family edition, as it includes cards for children and cards for adults, with 2400 questions of general culture to test your knowledge. Additionally, a Showdown challenge is included.

Buy Trivial

Mattel Pictionary

They can play all from 8 years of age, with the capacity to play from 2 to 4 players or also make teams. It is one of the best board games for families, whose objective is to guess a word or phrase through pictures. Includes a whiteboard, markers, index cards, board, time clock, dice, and 720 cards.

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Family boom

The whole family can get involved in this classic game. 300 varied and fun cards, a board, easy to play, with challenges, actions, riddles, pampering, punishments for cheats, etc. A great way to gather all your loved ones and have a great time.

Buy Family Boom


The whole family can play, recommended from 10 years of age. It is a fun and dynamic game in which you develop your creativity and imagination to solve puzzles. A player must combine universal icons or symbols to try to get the others to guess what it is about (characters, titles, objects, ...).

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Love with words Families Edition

A game for young and old, to play as a family and help strengthen bonds between participants. Designed to appeal to grandchildren, grandparents, parents and children, helping them have a great time with the 120 cards with fun questions and options that lead to varied conversation topics.

Buy love with words

Bizak Children against parents

Another of the best board games for the family, with questions and challenges for all members. The winner will be the one who crosses the board first, but for that you must get the questions right. It is played in groups, with children against parents, although mixed groups can also be made.

Buying children against parents

Stuffed Fables

In this family board game, each player takes on the role of a stuffed animal who has to save the girl they adore, as she has been kidnapped by an evil and mysterious entity. An included story book will act as a guide to the story and the steps to follow on the board ...

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Bang! The Wild West game

A card game that takes you back to the times of the Wild West, on a dusty street with a duel to the death. In it, outlaws will face off against the sheriff, the sheriff against outlaws, and the renegade will hatch a secret plan to join any of the bamdos ...

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Gloom Inopportune Guests

A game in which there will be horrible guests, a family of gangsters, and a mansion. What can go wrong? This is Gloom's card game, which comes as an expansion to the basic game.

Buying Inopportune Guests

Fun board games to play as a family

But if what you are looking for is to go a little further and find the funniest board games to not stop laughing, crying with laughter, and making your belly hurt, here are others titles that will make you have the best time:

Game Off The battalion of head-to-head duels

A family board game suitable for all ages, created for competitive and critical people. It has 120 unique duels to do face to face with your relatives. In them you must demonstrate your ability, luck, courage, mental or physical capacity. Very fast and enjoyable duels are made, while the rest of the players act as a jury to decide the winner. You dare?

Buy Game Off

Glop Mimika

One of the favorite games for families with which to test your patience, communication and ability to transmit through mimicry. It is suitable for children, adolescents and adults. Everyone will have fun playing and interacting. It includes 250 cards of different categories and you will have to make the others guess what you want to express through gestures.

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Story cubes

This game is for those who like imagination, invention and fun storytelling. It has 9 dice (mood, symbol, object, place, ...) that you can roll with more than 1 million combinations for the stories that you will have to create depending on what you have come up with. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Story cubes


Another of the best games for family fun. It has a mat with colors where you will have to support the part of the body that is indicated in the roulette box where you have landed. The poses will be challenging, but will definitely make you laugh.

Buy Twister

ugha bugha

A card game for the whole family, suitable for ages 7+. In it you get into the shoes of a prehistoric tribe of cavemen, and each player will have to repeat a series of noises and grunts according to the cards that come out and with the aim of becoming the new leader of the clan. The tricky thing about this game is that you will have to memorize the sounds or actions of the cards that will gradually accumulate and you must play them in the correct order ...

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Devir Ubongo

Ubongo is one of the most fun games for the whole family, recommended for people over 8 years old. Its creators assure that it is frenetic because of how the players will try to fit the pieces into their squad simultaneously; it's addictive because when you start you won't be able to stop; and easy in terms of its rules.

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How to choose a good family board game?

family board games

To choose well the best family board games, some essential details should be taken into account:

  • They should have an easy learning curve. It is important that the mechanics of the game are easy to understand for both young and old.
  • They should be as timeless as possible, because if they are related to the past or to some modern things, the little ones and the elderly will be somewhat lost.
  • And, of course, it has to be fun for everyone, with a more generic theme and not aimed at a specific audience. In short, have a wide range of recommended ages.
  • The content must be for all audiences, that is, it must not be restricted to adults only.
  • Being for the whole family, they should be games in which you can participate in groups or that admit a large number of players so that no one is left out.

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