The best board games ever

best board games

Surely you love sharing experiences with your family, with your partner or your friends. And what better incentive for meetings, for those rainy or cold days, or for parties, than to have the best board games ever. There are them for all tastes and ages, of all kinds of different categories and themes. Boring? Impossible! You are going to have a great time with these titles that we recommend here.

In addition, we leave you with the compilations of board games that we have been publishing so that you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for:

Types of board games

These are the categories with the best board games in history, divided by categories and themes. With them there is no excuse for not having moments of fun in abundance:

Single player

These Alone and bored, you cannot always have a couple of games, or they are not always willing to play, so it is best to get hold of one of these single player games:

Solitaire with cards

The deck not only allows you to play in a group, you can also create your own lonely In the purest Windows style, but on your table, and with the deck of your choice, French or Spanish. A game to distract you and fill in the idle hours.

Buy Spanish deck of cards Buy French deck of cards


Friday only needs one player, and it's a card game. A solo adventure where only you can win the game. This game immerses you in a story about Robinson, who has been shipwrecked on your island and must help you fight against a multitude of dangers and pirates.

Buy Friday

Not without my cat

This other game is also designed for a single player, although they could play up to 4. It is simple, it is played with cards. The goal is to guide the kitten so that it can get to a nice warm place to get out of the street. However, crossing the urban maze will not be easy ...

Buy Not without my cat

Lúdilo Bandit

It is a very simple card game, even for children. They can play from 1 player only to 4. And you will have to make sure that a bandit trying to escape does not get away with it. The letters will be blocking the way to catch it. The game will end when all possible exits have been closed.

Buy Bandit

Arkham Noir: The Witch Cult Murders

A game inspired by the fantastic horror stories of HP Lovecraft. It is a special title for adults in which it is played alone. Regarding its history, it turns out that several students from Miskatonic University have been found dead. These students were investigating topics related to the occult and you must get to the root of the facts with this game of cards.

Buy Arkham Noir


If what you want is foster team spirit, Besides developing collaboration skills, what better than these cooperative board games:


A cooperation game suitable for all ages, from 8 years old. In it you will have to solve a mystery, and all the players will win or lose together. The goal is to discover the truth about the death of a spirit that roams the haunted mansion. Only then can your soul rest in peace.

Buy Mysterium

The forbidden island

Everyone must work together to recover some valuable objects from a mysterious island. But it won't be easy, as the island is sinking little by little. Get into the shoes of 4 intrepid adventurers and collect the sacred treasures before it ends up buried under the water.

Buy The Forbidden Island

The Saboteur

An ideal cooperative game for groups and suitable for the whole family. They can play from 2 to 12 players. It contains 176 cards that will help you get the highest percentage of gold in the mine. One of the players is the saboteur, but the rest do not know who he is. The goal is to get the gold before him to win.

Buy Saboteur


It's based on the same Arkham Noir story, and same setting. But this is a 3rd Edition loaded with new content, new mysteries, more madness and destruction, and more evil beings that will try to awaken sleeping evils. The player will be an investigator who will try to avoid this disaster that looms over the world with the help of other players and the clues that are given.

Buy Arkham Horror


It is a cooperation game designed for the little ones, from the age of four, although adults can also participate. The goal of the Haba Hamster gang is to help gather all the necessary food supplies for the winter. All on a board with all kinds of details, special characteristics (wheel, wagon, mobile elevator ...), etc.

Buy Hasterbande

Mansion of madness

Another collaboration title that plunges you into the seedy alleys and mansions of Arkham. There are secrets and terrifying monsters hidden. Some lunatics and cultists are plotting inside these buildings to summon the Ancient Ones. Players will have to overcome all obstacles and unravel the mystery. Will be able?

Buy The Mansion of Madness


An appropriate title for the times. An entertaining board game in which members of a specialized disease containment team must face 4 deadly plagues that spread throughout the world. Try to get all the necessary resources to synthesize the cure and save humanity. Only together can ...

Buy Pandemic

Zombicide and Zombie Kidz Evolution

No products found.

The zombie apocalypse has arrived. Therefore, you will have to work as a team to arm yourself and destroy all the undead. Each player takes on the role of a survivor endowed with unique abilities, so each one will have their role. This is how you will fight the infected horde. In addition, it has a Kidz version for the little ones.

No products found. Buy Kidz version

Mystery Park

Mysterium Park is another of the best cooperative board games where you immerse yourself in a typical fair, but which hides dark secrets. Its former director disappeared, and the investigations reached no conclusion. Since that day, strange things have not stopped happening and some are convinced that their spirit wanders there ... Your goal is to investigate and discover the truth and you only have 6 nights before the fair leaves the town.

Buy Mysterium Park

The legends of Andor

Winner of an award, this is another one of the best cooperative titles you can buy. A game created by the famous illustrator Michael Menzel and that takes you to the kingdom of Andor. The enemies of this territory are heading towards the castle of King Brandur. Players step into the shoes of heroes who will have to face him to defend the castle. And… watch out for the dragon.

Buy The Legends of Andor

Board games for adults

For teenagers, for friends' parties, to spend the most amazing moments with those you care about. That's what this selection of the best adult game titles is for.

See the best board games for adults

For two people or couples

When the number of players is reduced to just two, the possibilities are not limited. exist extraordinary games for pairs of players. Some of the best are:

Dual Tetris Design

It is a board game that needs few introductions. You have a vertical board with a slot in the upper part through which to throw the pieces. Each piece has the shapes of the popular retro video game, and you will have to fit in the best way each turn.

Buy Tetris


It is one of the best selling abstract board games in the world. Designed in 1987, it has survived to this day completely renovated. You have a hexagonal board and some marbles. The objective is to throw off the board the 6 marbles of the opponent (of the 14 that he has positioned).

Buy Abalon

Bang! The duel

If you like the western, then you will love this card game that takes you to the far and wild West in which you will face your opponent in a duel. Outlaws against representatives of the law, only one can remain, the other will bite the dust ...

Buy Bang!

Duo secret code

It is a game of complicity and mystery designed for the whole family, playing in pairs. You must be quick and clever, as you will be a spy who will have to solve mysteries by interpreting subtle clues. Some may be red herrings, and if you can't tell them apart, the consequences will be dire ...

Buy Duo Secret Code


The king is dead, but no one knows how it happened. He appeared upside down inside a wine barrel. He has left no known heirs. That is the scenario in which the game begins, which consists of two phases: the first one each player will use their cards to recruit followers, in the second the followers will fight to obtain the majority. Whoever gets the most votes in their faction wins.

Buy Claim

7 Wonders Duel

Similar in style to the award-winning 7 Wonders, but designed for 2 players. Prosper and beat your competition to make your civilization perpetuate. Each player leads a civilization, constructing buildings (each card represents a building) and will help strengthen the army, discover technical advances, evolve your empire, etc. You can win by military, scientific and civil supremacy.

Buy 7 Wonders Duel

Board games for kids

It tienes little ones at home, one of the best gifts you can give them is one of these games. A way for them to develop properly, learn, and stay away from the screens for a few moments ...

See the best board games for kids

Board games for family

These are among the best you can buy, since everyone can participate, friends, your children, grandchildren, grandparents, parents ... Specially designed for large and very fun groups.

See the best family games

Card games

For fans of the card gamesHere are some more that have not been included in the previous sections, and that are based on decks:

Monopoly Deal

It is the classic Monopoly game, but played with cards. Quick and fun games that use action cards to collect rent, do business, get property, etc.

Buy Monopoly Deal

Tricky Moth Game

A card game that consists of distributing to the players and the first one to run out of them wins. To do this, they must be casting a card per turn with a number immediately higher or lower than the one on the table. And best of all, to win, you have to cheat ...

Buy Tricky Moth

Double Waterproof

A game of speed, observation and reflexes, with dozens of waterproof cards so you can also play in the pool in summer. Each card is unique, and has only one picture in common with any other. Look for the identical symbols, say it out loud and pick up or drop the card. You can play up to 5 different minigames.

Buy Dobble


If board or card games are a classic, so are dice games. Here are some of the dice games most acclaimed:

cross you say

You have 14 dice, 1 goblet, 1 hourglass, and that's it. A turn-based game to improve listening comprehension, tolerance, cognitive skills. You just have to roll the dice and form the largest number of linked words within the time you have. Write down your points and win over your opponents.

Buy Cross Dices


No products found.

A cup and dice is all you need to compete and play. It is a simple game, which can be played however you prefer, but which you can simply use to roll the dice and see who rolls the biggest figures, or to try to match the combinations that would come out.

No products found.

Story cubes

It is not a traditional dice game, but you have 9 dice with faces that can be characters, places, objects, emotions, etc. The idea is to roll the dice, and depending on what you have come up with, tell a story with those ingredients.

Buy Story Cubes

Strick Game

A game for the whole family or for friends. A magical duel by rolling dice in the arena to find matching symbol combinations with which to cast spells and spells. As the game progresses, the player will lose dice and deplete their powers. Whoever loses the dice first is the loser.

Buy Strick


It is easy to learn, develops your mental skills, and the games are fast, since it does not matter the turn, everyone participates. To score, you have to mark as many numbers as possible.



The other group of indispensable board games are board games. The boards are not only the basis of the game, but they can provide you with a more immersive game scenario. Some boards are flat, but others are three-dimensional and quite well done.

Mattel scrabble

Scrabble is one of the most classic and fun games to make words. You must spell and link letters to form the words with the 7 cards taken at random. Each letter has a value, so scores are calculated based on those values.

Buy Scrabble


This board game will make you bring out your craftsman soul, creating fantastic mosaic tiles with its tiles. The objective is to get the best decorations for the kingdom of Evora. It can be played by 2 to 4 players, and is suitable from 8 years.

Buy Blue


A tactical board game for the whole family. A reinterpretation of the card game with a Spanish deck turned into a board. Do you dare to give it a twist?

Buy Touché


A classic from the 80s that makes a comeback. A game inspired by the forests of Transylvania, in the districts of Dracula's castle. The forces of evil and the forces of good clash as they are the first to enter the castle. Who will get it?

Buy Dracula

The treasure route

The most nostalgic ones will surely remember this game that is still being sold. A fun game for the whole family whose objective is to buy and sell possessions along the Mediterranean Sea during the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. Manage your wealth well while you dive into this pirate adventure.

Buy The Treasure Route

In search of the empire cobra

An adventure game for the whole family between the fantastic and the magical. Another of those titles that were already played in the 80s and that many children of that time will now be able to teach their children.

Buy In Search of the Cobra Empire

Blank board

Chips, dice, hourglass, cards, cards, a roulette wheel, and a board… But all blank! The idea is that you invent your own board game. With the rules you want, how you want, drawing on the white canvas, using printed stickers, etc.

Buy Your game


They could not miss the classic board games, those that have been among us for generations and never go out of style. The best are:


A wooden board measuring 31 × 31 cm, carved by hand. A work of art that can serve as a decorative element and to play the best games with whoever you want. The pieces have a magnetic bottom so they won't fall off the board easily. And the board can be folded and transformed into a box to hold all the tiles.

Buy Chess


Dominoes need few introductions. It is one of the oldest games in history. And here you have one of the best games, with a premium case and handmade pieces. In addition, there is not only one way to play, but there are several styles ...

Buy Dominoes

Checkers game

30 × 30 cm solid birch wood board and 40 pieces of 30 mm diameter wood. Enough to play the classic game of checkers. A simple game suitable for over 6 years.

Buy Ladies

Parcheesi and Game of the Goose

One board, two faces, two games. With this article you will have everything you need to play the classic game of Parcheesi, and also the game of the goose if you turn it around. Includes 26.8 × 26.8 cm wooden board, 4 goblets, 4 dice, and 16 tokens.

Buy Parcheesi / Goose

XXL Bingo

Bingo is a game for the whole family, one of the classics of all time. With automatic drum to go releasing the balls with the random numbers to cross out on the cards until you get to make a line or bingo. And to promote competitiveness, you can raffle something ...

Buy Bingo


Jenga is a primitive game that comes from centuries ago, from the African continent. It is very simple, and everyone can play. You will simply have to remove wooden blocks from the tower without it falling. The idea is to leave the tower as unbalanced as possible so that when it is the opponent's turn, it collapses. Whoever drops the pieces loses.

Buy Jenga

Gathered games

Bored with just one game? Do you travel a lot and can't take all the games you have? The best option is to buy this 400-piece pooled game pack. Includes a book with instructions for everyone. Among those hundreds of games are some such as chess, card games, dice, dominoes, checkers, Parcheesi, etc.

Buy Assembled Games


If you are a fan of TV series, video games, or movies most successful movies, there are thematic games about them that you will be passionate about:

Dragon Ball deck

Fans of the Dragon Ball anime will be fascinated by this card game featuring the characters from the popular DBZ series. Just throw your card on your turn and try to beat the opponent's, according to the powers of each one ...

Buy DBZ Deck

Doom The Board Game

Doom is one of the most legendary video games in history. Now it also comes to the board with this board game in which each player will be an armed marine to try to fight against the most infernal monsters you can imagine.

Buy Doom

Game of thrones board game

If you have been captivated by the famous HBO series, then you will also love this Game of Thrones-themed board game. Each player controls one of the Great Houses, and must use their cunning and potential to gain control over the other houses. And all with the most emblematic characters of the series.

Buy Game of Thrones

The Simpsons

The city and the characters from the popular animated series come to life here, in this fun board where you will immerse yourself in the life of these cute yellows.

Buy The Simpsons

The Walking Dead Trivia

A normal and ordinary Trivial Pursuit, with its cheeses, its tiles, its board, its cards with questions ... But with a difference, and that is that it is inspired by the famous series of zombies.

Buy Trivial TWD

The Indiana Jones Tower

Adventure and skill title, set in the Indiana Jones movies, with the Temple of Akator as the setting. A way to commemorate this film that was one of the highest grossing of its time.

Buy La Torre


A game of a game, so is Jumanji. The famous movie about the board game now also comes in the form of an Escape Room for the whole family. Discover the mysteries and escape this jungle alive, if you can ...

Buy Jumanji

Party & Co. Disney

More of the same, the typical Party & Co., with a multitude of mimic tests, questions and answers, drawing, riddles, etc. But all with the theme of the most popular Disney fictional characters.

Buy Party Disney


The TVE cooking program also has a game. Play with the whole family this board set in Masterchef and with quizzes based on the program to achieve the goal.

Buy Masterchef

Jurassic World

If you liked the Jurassic Park saga and you are a fan of dinosaurs, you will love this official board game from the Jurassic World movie. Each player must take on a role, to excavate and discover fossils, work in the laboratory with dinosaur DNA, build cages for dinosaurs and manage the park.

Buy Jurassic World

The paper house

The Spanish series La casa de papel has swept Netflix, and has positioned itself as one of the most viewed in several countries around the world. If you are one of his followers, this board game cannot be missing from your repertoire. A board with tiles where you can play as a family with thieves and hostages.

Buy The paper house

Marvel splendor

The Marvel universe and the Avengers have arrived in board games. In this game you will have to gather a team of superheroes and try to prevent Thanos from destroying the planet. To do this, the Infinity Gems that are scattered throughout the multi-universe must be found.

Buy Splendor

Cluedo The Big Bang Theory

It is still a classic Cluedo, with the same dynamics and way of playing. But with the theme of the popular series The Big Bang Theory.

Buy The Big Bang Theory

La que se avecina

The Spanish television series La que se avecina now also has an official game. Play in the famous Montepinar building and with its characters. It is suitable from 8 years, and can play up to 12 people. In the game things are proposed for the community, and each player decides to vote or not.


trivia harry potter

The Harry Potter saga has inspired movies, series, video games, and also board games. If you like his books, now you can also have thousands of questions about his characters and the most popular magician story of the XNUMXst century in this Trivia.

Buy Trivial HP

Trivial Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were among the most successful books that were moved to the cinema. Now they have also inspired vieogames and, of course, board games like this Trivial. The classic trivia game is now dressed up in this medieval fanatic theme.

Buy Trivia Lord of the Rings

Star wars legion

The force and the dark side now come to your table with this game based on the popular science fiction saga. A game for 2 players, from 14 years old, and where you can experience the legendary battles between the Jedi and the Sith. Lead your troops with these finely sculpted miniatures featuring mythical characters.

Buy Star Wars Legion

Dune imperium

From the books they went to the video game and the movie. Dune has recently returned to theaters with a new version. Well, you can also play this fantastic strategy board game. With the great sides facing each other, with the famous desert and barren planet, and everything you expect from Dune.

Buy Dune

Strategy board games

All those who have a strategist soul and love war games, Capture the Flag (CTF), and the like, they will enjoy as children with the following strategy games:

ERA Middle Ages

ERA takes you to medieval Spain, a strategy game with 130 miniatures, 36 dice, 4 game boards, 25 pegs, 5 markers, and 1 blog for scores. A way to relive Spanish history with this great title.



It is the strategy game par excellence, one of the most sold and awarded, with 2 million players worldwide. It is based on the island of Catan, where settlers have arrived to create the first villages. Each player will have his own, and will have to develop these towns to transform them into cities. For that you need resources, establish business alliances, and defend yourself.

Buy Catan

Twilight imperium

This is one of the best strategic board games. It is based on the post-Twilight Wars era, the Great Races of the ancient Lazax Empire went to their home worlds, and now there is a period of fragile tranquility. The entire galaxy will stir again in a fight to reclaim the throne. The one who achieves a more intelligent military force and management will be the lucky one.

Buy Twilight Imperium

Strategy Original

A classic of war and strategy games. A board in which to attack and defend yourself with cunning, to seize the enemy flag with your army of 40 pieces with different ranks.

Buy Stratego

Classic Risk

This game is among the most popular of this genre. With it you must design a strategy to dominate the world. With 300 updated figures, missions with cards, and a very careful design. Players must create an army, move troops across the map and fight. Depending on the results of the dice, the player will win or lose.

Buy Risk

Disney villainous

What if all the Disney villains come together in a game to devise a Machiavellian plan? Choose your favorite character and discover the unique abilities he possesses. Create the best strategy in each of the turns and try to win.

Buy Villainous


From Uwe Rosenberg, this pack includes 9 double-sided game boards, 138 matter stones, 36 nutritional stamps, 54 animal stones, 25 person stones, 75 fences, 20 stables, 24 cabin tokens, 33 country houses, 3 guest tiles, 9 multiplication tiles, 1 scoring block, 1 player's starting stone, 360 cards, and the manual. It does not lack a detail to be able to build and manage your medieval farm where you can develop agriculture and livestock to fight against hunger ...

Buy Agricultural

The Great War Centennial Edition

Surely the title The Great War, or The Great War, by Richar Borg sounds familiar to you. It is the same designer as Memoir 44 and Battlelore. It is based on the wars of World War I, allowing players to take sides and replay the historical battles that unfolded in the trenches and battlefields. A very flexible game with cards for the movements and dice that solve the combats.


Memoir 44

By the same author, this other is one of the best war strategy games that you can buy. Set this time in World War II, with possible expansions and different scenarios to expand the content. If you like military strategy and history, it will suit you like a glove. Although it is somewhat complicated ...

Buy Memoir

Imhotep: The Builder of Egypt

Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt. Imhotep was the first and most famous builder of the time. Now with this board game you can try to match their achievements by raising monuments and drawing up your own plans to prevent opponents from succeeding.


Classic Cities

Fight to be the next Master Builder of the kingdom. Impress the nobility with your city development skills and help various characters with this strategy game. You have 8 character cards in the pack to choose from, 68 district cards, 7 help cards, 1 crown token, and 30 gold coin tokens.


Online and free

You also have a multitude of online board games, to play for free alone or with others who are far away, as well as apps for mobile devices in which to have fun without having to be in person (although this certainly takes away some of its charm, and at the price of light ... almost better to have the physical game):

Free games websites

Apps for mobile devices

You can search in the store Google Play on your mobile device or on the Apple App Store, depending on the operating system you have, the following titles:

  • Catan Classic for iOS and Android.
  • Carcassone for Android
  • Monopoly for iOS and Android
  • Scrabble for iOS and Android
  • Pictionary for iOS and Android
  • Chess for iOS and Android
  • The Goose game for iOS and Android


There are also two categories of board games that, although they can be included in one of the previous categories, form an independent category by themselves. In addition, these have achieved a brutal success, and they have more and more fans of these styles:

Board games Escape Room

Escape Rooms have become fashionable and have invaded all of the Spanish territory. They are already one of the most beloved hobbies in many countries, since it allows you to collaborate with friends or family and solve puzzles. In addition, they have all kinds of themes, to satisfy all tastes (science fiction, horror, history, ...). Incredible sets that because of Covid-19 are having serious restrictions. To get around those limitations, you should take a look at the best Escape Room titles to play at home.

See the best board games Escape Room

Role playing games

Another of the mass phenomena that is gaining adherents are the role playing games. They are extremely addictive, and there is also a huge variety of them, with multiple themes. These games immerse you in a role, a character that you will have to play during the game to achieve the objectives.

See the best role-playing board games

How to choose the best board game

best board games

When choose the appropriate board games some keys must be taken into account. These considerations will help you always make the right purchase:

  • Number of players: it is important to take into account the number of players who are going to participate. There are only for 2 people, others for several people, and even with groups or teams. If they are for couples or for two, it is not so relevant, since almost all of them can be played with only two people. On the other hand, if they are for gatherings of friends or family board games, this becomes vital.
  • Age: it is important to verify the age for which the game is recommended. There are many games that are for everyone from children to the elderly, so they are perfect to play as a family. Instead, some by content are specific to minors or adults.
  • Our Approach: some games are to improve memory, others to enhance logic, for social skills, promote cooperative work, or for motor skills, and even educational. Without they are for minors, this is also important, since the most appropriate must be chosen according to the needs of the child.
  • Topic or category: As you have seen, there are several types of board games. Not everyone likes everyone, so it is important to know how to identify the style of play of each category to be successful with the purchase.
  • Complexity and learning curve: it is very important if young or old are going to play, that the complexity of the game is not high, and that it has an easy learning curve. This way they will be able to understand the dynamics of the game quickly and they will not get lost or frustrated by not knowing how to play.
  • Play space- Many board games allow you to play on any conventional table or surface. On the other hand, others need a little more space in the living room or game room. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the limitations of the home very well and see if the chosen game can adapt well to the environment.

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