The best board games for kids

board games for kids

When choosing the funniest board games for kids, several factors must be taken into account. On the one hand, the appropriate age for which that game has been designed. Another question is whether he will play alone or with other children, or if he will play with his parents or adults, since there are also board games designed for everyone. And, of course, if the game is didactic in addition to being entertaining, so much the better.

In this guide you will have all the material you need to choose the best board games for children, in addition to also having a special section for educational board games. A much healthier and more social alternative to consoles and video games. They are even advised by specialists in the development of the minor, since they develop fine motor skills, observation, spatial vision, concentration, imagination and creativity, decision-making, etc. Without a doubt a great gift ...

The best-selling board games for children

Among the best sellers, or board games for children best-selling and successful, has been at that level of sales for obvious reasons. They are the ones that are liked the most, and the best known, so they should be specially highlighted:

Trajins Games - Virus

It is one of the best sellers, and it is not for less. It is a game for 2 players, from 8 years of age and suitable for the whole family. It is addictive and very fun, easy to transport, and in which you will have to face a virus that has been released. Compete to avoid the pandemic and be the first to eradicate viruses by isolating a healthy body to prevent the spread of terrible diseases.

Buy Viruses

Magilano SKYJO

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It's one of the definitive card board games for young and old. It is played in turns and rounds, with an easy learning curve to be able to play from the beginning. In addition, it also has an educational part, with up to 100 2-digit numbers to practice counting, and calculation to check the possibilities.



From the age of 6 you also have this other game among the best sellers. An ideal board game for everyone, especially for parties. You will have to demonstrate skills of speed, observation and reflexes, finding the same symbols. In addition, it includes 5 additional minigames.

Buy Dobble


It can be played from the age of 8, and it can be for the whole family too. More than 1.5 million copies sold and several international awards are the calling cards of this game. His fame is deserved. It has 84 cards with beautiful illustrations, which you must describe so that your teammate can guess it, but without the rest of the opponents doing it.

Buy Dixit

Educa - Lynx

From 6 years old you have this board game to improve reflexes and visual acuity, that is, to become a lynx. It includes multiple forms of play, having to find your images on the board before and get the maximum number of tiles possible.

Buy Lynx

The best board games for kids by age

To help you in the chose, given the enormous amount of board games for children that exist. There are them for all ages and for all tastes, themes, cartoon series, for the whole family, etc. Here you have several categories divided by age or theme:

For children from 2 to 3 years

This is one of the most delicate fringes, since not just any board game is adapted to these minors, and special attention must be paid to ensure that they are safe. For example, they must be safe, they should not have small parts that can be swallowed, nor sharp, and the contents and level should be at the height of these little ones. On the other hand, they must also meet certain characteristics such as being visually striking, simple, focused on improving skills such as motor skills, visual skills, etc. Some valid recommendations of board games for children from 2 to 3 years are:

Goula The 3 Little Pigs

The popular tale of The 3 Little Pigs turned into a board game for the little ones. With the possibility to play in cooperative or competitive mode. It can be played with 1 to 4 players, and serves to develop different values. As for the objective, there is a board with a series of tiles, a little house, and they will have to take the tiles of any pig to the house before the wolf arrives.

Buy The Three Little Pigs

Diset I learn with images

Another educational game for children from 3 years old that tries to associate questions and answers. They will have fun while enhancing skills such as visual skills, differentiation of shapes, colors, etc. It has cards on various topics and a self-correcting system so that the little one can check if he has answered correctly thanks to the magic pencil that lights up and emits sound.

Buy I learn with images

BEAN Adela the bee

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Maya the bee is not the only famous one. Now comes this fantastic board game for children from 2 years of age. It is Adela the bee, which will attract the attention of the little ones for its color and with the aim of collecting nectar from the flowers and taking it to the hive and thus being able to make honey. When the honey pot is full, you win. A way to reinforce the sense of unity, understanding and learning colors.

Buy Adela the Bee

BEAN First Fruity

A game for children from 2 years. The recovery of a classic, such as El Frutal, but designed for the little ones, adapting the rules to them and facilitating the format. A way to improve fine motor skills and cooperation, since you must win together, and for this you will have to beat the crow, which should not eat the fruit.

Buy First Fruit

Falomir Spike Pirate

This is another of the funniest games for children from 3 years old. It has a base where to place a barrel, where the pirate will be introduced and it will not be known when he is going to jump. It consists of driving swords into the barrel in turns, and the first to make the pirate jump will win.

Buy Pirate Pin

For children from 4 to 5 years

If the minors are older, the games for the younger ages will be too childish and boring. They need specific games focused on enhancing other types of skills, such as strategic thinking, concentration, memory, etc. Those minors who are around 5 years old, you can find quite interesting board games for children on the market:

Don't wake up daddy!

An exciting game for 5-year-olds in which they must spin a roulette wheel and advance across a board. But they will have to do it stealthily, since Dad is asleep in bed and if you make noise you will wake him up and send you to bed (go back to the starting square of the board).

Buy Don't wake up dad

Hasbro Stubborn

It is a board game designed for children from 4 years of age. A very curmudgeonly donkey who kicks and throws all the luggage, when he kicks, luck runs out, everything you have put on him jumps into the air. This game has 3 levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced. It consists of stacking objects on the donkey's saddle in turns.

Buy Tozudo

Hasbro Sloppy Plumber

This plumber is a big bum, a bungler, and he's struggling. The little ones will have to place the tools on the belt in turns and each tool will make the pants drop a little more. If your pants fall completely, water will splash. He who does not wet the others will win.

Buy Sloppy Plumber

Goliath Anton Zampon

This cute little pig named Antón Zampón will put the skills of the little ones to the test. A simple game that will consist of feeding the character until his pants explode. They can play in turns of 1 to 6 players, having fun checking how many hamburgers they can eat ...

Buy Antón Zampon

Goliath Jaws

This is another board game for children, where you can practice the most fun fishing. The tuburon is hungry, and it has swallowed a lot of little fish that you will have to save by pulling them out of its mouth with a fishing rod. But be careful, because at any moment the shark will take a bite. Who more animals you can save will be the one who wins.

Buy Jaws

Diset Party & Co Disney

This Party has arrived, specially designed for children from 4 years old, and with a Disney theme. A multidisciplinary board game with which to learn and have fun. It is used for the whole family, being able to pass several tests to get the figures of the characters from the fictional factory. The tests are similar to the Party for adults, with tests of mimicry, drawing, etc.

Buy Party & Co

Hasbro Scooper

A classic that does not go out of style. Hundreds and hundreds of advertisements on television when Christmas is approaching or other times when the sale of toys is increased. A board game for the little ones where hippos controlled by the four players must swallow all the possible balls. Whoever gets the most balls will win.

Buy Ball Slot

Hasbro Crocodile Toothpick

This crocodile is a glutton, but from eating so much his teeth are not very well and need a dental check-up. Take out as many teeth as you can before the mouth closes, since you will have found the tooth that hurts this nice crocodile. Another simple game that encourages dexterity and fine mobility of the little ones.

Buy Sucker Crocodile

Lulido Grabolo Jr.

A fun educational board game for the little ones in the house. It is very dynamic and allows you to develop mental skills, observation, logic, and concentration. It is easy to understand, you simply roll the dice and you must find the combination that has come out between the cards. It allows for quick games and can be perfect to take on trips.

Buy Grabolo Jr

Falomir What am I?

A fun board game that can be a favorite, even for an adult to play. It helps to improve vocabulary related to trades, with a head support where to place a card that everyone sees except you, and you will have to ask questions to try to guess who the character that appears on the card is. This game is ideal for improving motor skills, intellect and the senses.

Buy What am I?

Board games for children between 6 and 12 years old

For the age group included between the 6 and 12 yearsThere are also extraordinary board games that meet the needs of this age range. These types of articles usually have more complex challenges, and introduce the promotion of skills such as memory, tactics, logic, concentration, orientation, etc. Among the best are:

Hasbro Monopoly Fortnite

Classic Monopoly is always synonymous with success, and it never goes out of style. Now comes a completely renewed version based on the Fortnite video game. Therefore, it will not be based on the amount of wealth that players achieve, but the amount of time they manage to survive on the map or board.

Buy Monopoly

Ravensburger Minecraft Builders & Biomes

Yes, the popular creative and survival video game Minecraft has also reached the world of board games. Each player will have their own character, and collect a number of resource blocks. The idea is to fight the creatures of each world. The winner will be the first to complete the board with their chips.

Buy Minecraft

Trivial Pursuit Dragon Ball

Can you imagine uniting the fun of the popular Trivial Pursuit trivia game with the Dragon Ball anime universe. Well now you have everything in this game with a total of 600 questions about the famous saga so that you can demonstrate your knowledge about the favorite characters.

Buy Trivial


A mysterious murder has been committed. There are 6 suspects, and you will have to move through the crime scene to discover the clues that lead you to the murderer. Investigate, hide, accuse and win. One of the best thinking and intrigue games on the market.

Buy Cluedo

Devir The Magic Labyrinth

If you like spooky mysteries, this is your board game. A simple game where you must go through a mysterious maze to try to find some lost objects. You will have to show audacity to try to get out with the objects and go through the corridors of the labyrinth avoiding the different inconveniences that you will find.

Buy The Magic Labyrinth

Castle of terror

Atom Games has developed this terrifyingly fun board game, with 62 cards with monstrous characters and objects. With them you can play in various ways (such as investigator, speed mode, and another memory), improving the skills of the little ones in the house.

Buy The Castle of Terror

Diset Party & Co Junior

Another version of the famous Party & Co board game for children. You will be able to form teams and have fun to pass the different tests. The one who first reaches the final square will win. To do this, you have to pass drawing tests, musicals, gestures, definitions, questions, etc.

Buy Party & Co

Hasbro Operation

Another of the classics, a game that has spread throughout the world and that tests the dexterity and anatomical knowledge of the players. A patient is sick and needs to be operated on, removing different parts. But be careful, you need a surgeon's pulse, because if the pieces touch the walls your nose will light up and you will have lost… And if you like minions, there is also a version with these characters.

Buy Trade

Hasbro Who is who?

Another of the titles known to all. One board per person in which there is a series of characterized characters. The objective is to guess the mysterious character of the adversary by asking questions and discarding characters that do not match the clues that he is giving you.

Buy Who is who?

Educational board games

There are some board games for kids that are not only fun, but also They are educational, so they will learn by playing. A way of reinforcing school learning without involving a boring or tedious task for them, and that can have contents of general culture, mathematics, language, languages, etc. The best in this category are:

Ghost house

A fun educational puzzle game to develop spatial vision, problem solving, logic with different level challenges, and concentration. One of the best ways to improve cognitive skills and flexible thinking with gamification.

Buy The House of Ghosts

Temple trap

This educational board game enhances logic, flexible thinking, visual perception, and concentration. You have several levels of difficulty to choose from, with 60 different challenges. A puzzle in which mental ability will be the key to playing.

Buy Temple Trap

The color monster

Surprising educational board game where players move through the colors that represent emotions or feelings, making it a form of emotional learning for children between 3 and 6 years old. Something that is often forgotten in schools and that is vital to their mental health and relationship with others.

Buy Color monsters


No products found.

A game designed for children over 4 years old and that aims to develop language skills in English and Spanish. To do this, use a series of cards with images and words that will have to be related to each other to match them correctly.

Buy Zingo


A game in which the whole family can participate, and in which the little ones will learn about animals and geography. With up to 72 different animals and instructions in 7 languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese).

Buy Safari

Board games for children and adults

You can also find board games for children with which the child can play accompanied by an adult, be it mom, dad, grandparents, older siblings, etc. A way to take care of the smallest of the house and participate in their games, something important for them and also for adults, since it allows you to spend more time and get to know them a little better. Surely when they grow up they will not forget those times you spent with games like:

500 piece puzzle

500-piece puzzle themed from the world of Super Mario Odyssey World Traveler. A way to build as a family, suitable for children from 10 years old. Once assembled, it has dimensions of 19 × 28.5 × 3.5 cm.

Buy Puzzle

3D Puzzle of the Solar System

Another way to play and learn about astronomy is to build this 3D puzzle of the planetary system. It contains 8 planets of the Solar System and 2 planet rings, in addition to the Sun, with 522 numbered pieces in total. Once the puzzle is complete, it can be used as decoration. As for the optimal age, it is from 6 years.

Buy 3D puzzles

Multi-game table

On a single table you can have 12 different games. It has dimensions of 69 cm high, and the board has a surface of 104 × 57.5 cm. Includes the multigame set with more than 150 pieces and interchangeable surfaces for playing pool, table football, hockey, table tennis, chess, checkers, backgammon, bowling, shuffleboard, poker, horseshoe and dice. Ideal for children from 6 years and for the whole family. A way to help develop motor skills, manual skills, logical thinking, and learning.

Buy multigame table

Mattel Original Scrabble

From 10 years old, this game can be one of the most fun and entertaining for the whole family and ages. It is one of the most acclaimed games, having fun spelling words to get the highest crossword score with the 7 random tiles each player takes. One way in addition to improving vocabulary.

Buy Scrabble

Mattel Pictionary

It is another of the best known games, a version of the classic drawing game in which you will have to try to make them guess what you are wanting to express with your drawings. It should be played in groups, and it will take you into super fun situations, especially with those members whose drawing skills are Picasian ...

Buy Pictionary

Beat That!

It is one of those board games that will make you move and perform all kinds of crazy tests. Challenges to overcome, with 160 ridiculous tests in which you will have to blow, balance, juggle, jump, pile, etc. Laughter is more than guaranteed.

Buy Beat That!

The first trip

One of those games that the little ones love but that are suitable for the whole family. For those who have the soul of adventurers and get on this fast-paced train journey through the main cities of Europe on a large map where they will put you to the test. Each player must collect wagon loads to build new routes and expand the train network. Whoever completes the tickets for the destination wins the game.

Buy The first trip

Hasbro Gestures

If you like games that are focused on making you laugh, then this is another one of those. Play with the whole family and friends, with 3 different skill levels. In it you will have to perform fast mimicry to try to make them understand you, and with a wide repertoire with 320 cards.

Buy Gestures

The Island

This board game takes you back to the twentieth century, in the midst of exploration. An adventure game where a mysterious island is discovered in the middle of the ocean and whose legend says that it hides a treasure. But the adventurers will have to face different impediments, sea monsters, and ... an erupting volcano that will cause the island to sink little by little.

Buy The Island


Carcata mixes adventure and strategy. In it you will have to land your tribe on an island with a volcano and show which is the strongest tribe that survives the dangers that this place harbors. Protect your areas, monitor the movements of the opposing tribes, advance, collect gems, and always keep an eye on a spirit that protects the island ...

Buy Carcata

Board game buying guide for minors

educational board games

Free picture (Children's board game Sea Battle) from

Choosing a board game is not an easy task, since there are more and more categories and titles that are launched on the market. But choosing a board game for children is even more complicated, since some factors should be taken into account. for the minor's safety:

Recommended minimum age

Board games for children usually come with an indication of the minimum and maximum age for which they are intended. A certification that makes them valid for that age group based on three fundamental criteria:

  • Security: for example, younger children can swallow pieces such as dice, tokens, etc., so games for that age will not have these types of pieces. It is important that the product has CE certification, to know that it has passed the EU safety standards. Beware of counterfeits and other toys that arrive from Asia without these controls ...
  • SkillsNot all games can be for any age, some may not be prepared for the little ones, and they can be difficult or impossible, and even end up frustrated and quitting the game.
  • Contents: the content is also important, since some may have themes that are specific for adults and not suitable for minors, or simply that a specific age group does not like because they do not understand it.


This feature is not critical, but yes important. It is positive to know the tastes and preferences of the recipient of the game, since they may like some type of particular theme (science, mystery, ...), or that they are a fan of a movie or television series (Toy Story, Hello Kitty, Dragon Ball, Rugrats,…) whose games will motivate you the most to play.


This characteristic is not only related to the price, but also to the safety of the game (not fragment into small pieces that can cause choking, sharp pieces that cause injuries ...) and durability. Some games may tend to break or become obsolete quickly, so this is something to save.

Portability and order

Another important thing is to find a game that comes in a box or bag where you can save all the components. The reasons for paying attention to this are:

  • So that the minor can take it from one place to another easily.
  • Do not lose the pieces.
  • Encourage order when the game ends by inviting him to pick up.
  • That can be easily stored.

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