Best board games for adults

board games for adults

Since the global pandemic was declared, board games for adults their sales have skyrocketed. The reason is that, in the face of the restrictions and fear of some, what better and safer plan than to stay at home with family or friends around a table and spend the best moments of laughter and competition playing these games so fun.

However, there are so many of them that it is sometimes complicated know how to choose. In this guide you can better understand everything related to the best board games for adults, the types, and the different options you have to spend the best times at home ...

The best best-selling adult board games

There is a huge amount, best board games for adultsBoth classics that have been sold generation after generation, as well as the most modern. However, you can let yourself be guided by the list of Best sellers from the actuality. They are the top sellers and, if they sell so much ... it is because they have that something special:


Are you going to have a party or meeting with family or friends? Do you need guaranteed laughs? Then this board game for adults is what you were looking for. Designed for people over 16 years old. You have 8 seconds to guess the most bizarre thoughts of your family and friends. Black humor and dirty jokes collected in 400 letters with questions and 80 special letters.



Another one of the best board games for adults. It has challenges of all kinds, all of them loaded with good humor so that the laughs are unleashed. With totally absurd and funny questions. Perfect to give yourself a gift or to give to your loved ones. Of course, it is for people over 18 years old ...


Party & Co. Extreme 3.0

That it is among the best sellers is not a surprise. You can play in teams, with 12 different tests and 4 categories. With drawing tests, questions, mimicry, acting, etc. One of those all in one that will never bore you no matter how much you play, and that will make everyone have a great time playing.

Buy Party & Co.


A daring card game with more than 600 cards to have up to 234 hours of laughter guaranteed. A game for adults in which erotic, daring situations, black humor, and 0% ethics are mixed. Anything goes to laugh without stopping. For this, each player has 11 white cards (answers), and a random player reads a blue card with a blank space. In this way, each player chooses the funniest card they have to complete the sentence.

Buy Cocorroto

How to choose the best board game for adults?

When choose the best board game for adults Doubts may arise, and not everyone likes the same themes and game formats. There are them for different groups, from some specific to family members, others that are more suitable for groups of friends due to their content or theme, and even some specific in terms of the type of game in question. Therefore, you should know the different most demanded subcategories:

Fun board games for adults

There are some board games for adults that stand out especially for the laughs they generate, those hilarious ones in which anyone will end up with a clean laugh. Those that subject you to funny situations, or make you bring out your most comic spirit. Those that make you spend unforgettable evenings with your loved ones that will always remain in the memory. The funniest of all are:

Glop Mimika

When you meet it, it will be one of those mimicry adult board games that will be among your favorites. Designed for family or friends, with fully guaranteed laughs and a touch of strategy, different levels, categories, and with the aim of getting one of each type of card to win.

Buy Mimika

Glop Pint

It can be a good alternative to the previous one, or a perfect complement, since it is also designed for those times with family or friends when you need some entertainment and fun. But, unlike the previous one, it is about painting and guessing.

Buy Pint

Tribe of Scoundrels

A hilarious game Made In Spain, based on cards and perfect for having a laugh with friends. With a hooligan touch, you will have to accuse and they will accuse you, in addition to submitting yourself to absurd tests and participating in social challenges that you never imagined. A game in which you know how you start, but you don't know how you end ...

Buy Tribe of Scoundrels

Game off

A fun game for all ages and with 120 unique duels to make a face to face and demonstrate your mental, physical potential, courage, skill, or luck. They are fast and very entertaining duels, and in which the rest of the players will act as judges to determine who has won.

Buy Game Off

Board game between friends

Great for friends gatherings, bachelorette or bachelorette parties, etc. Laughter and good vibes thanks to the committed questions to which you will be subjected and submitted. You will lose all shame with the challenges and questions that are between the cards ...

Buy Board game between friends

You erase Crazy

A good alternative to the Party, designed for the whole family and friends, from 8 years old. A very fun game that combines tests of all kinds, such as listening, drawing, miming, ridiculous accusations, and a great final madness. The first to get all 5 loci will win the crown of the King of Fools ...

Buy Crazy

Hasbro Taboo

It does not need introductions, it is a classic. For everyone, with the aim of giving clues without using the forbidden words. With updated content and with up to 1000 words and 5 different ways of playing. If the Altar boy and Xavier Deltell had a hard time in the cramps chair in the Me slips program, now you can empathize with them ...

Buy Taboo

hasbro jenga

No products found.

Another classic among the classics, simple, easy to play, for all audiences, and fun. It is a tower built with wooden blocks that you will have to take turns taking out trying not to collapse. It is not only about removing your piece, but about trying to make the structure as unstable as possible so that the opponent who touches him in the next turn has it more complicated.

Buy Jenga No products found.

For family type Trivial

If you like board games for family type Trivial, with questions and where to show the gifts of intelligence and culture are basic, then you should take a look at this other selection. Here you will see some articles whose objective is to reward the one who knows the most:

Trivial Pursuit Original

Of course, among the trivia games, Trivial itself cannot be absent. A general culture trivia game with different categories in which you'll try to properly answer all the questions and get all the slices of the cheese before anyone else.

Buy Trivial Pursuit

Trivial the one that looms

If you are a fan of La que se avecina, then you are in luck, as there are Trivial-type board games with a multitude of themes (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, The Lord of the Rings, The Big Bang Theory ...), among they also the Spanish series LQSA. Do you think you know its characters well and all the secrets of the series? Test yourself…

Buy Trivial LQSA


Another trivia game for the whole family, from 8 years old. A board, 50 cards with 500 questions, and your wisdom to answer correctly and score points. That's the dynamics, but be careful ... the questions are full of traps, and sometimes intelligence is better than speed.

Buy Slap

Who wants to be a millionaire?

People from 12 years old can play, and with 2 or more players. This board game for adults is based on the popular television quiz with the same name. You will have to answer the questions, and you will have a series of jokers when the choice becomes complicated. Multiple choice answers are offered to you, and you will have to choose the correct one, increasing the level of difficulty each time.

Buy Who wants to be a millionaire?

Pass word

Board game for the whole family based on the television quiz. You will have to test your knowledge in 6 different tests, with more than 10.000 questions and the final rosco to try to guess more words before time runs out.

Buy Pasapalabra


One of the funniest games out there, and the simplest, but one that will put your imagination, creativity and vocabulary to the test. In the Scattergories you can play from 2 to 6 players, from 13 years old, and in which you will have to find words belonging to a category and that start with a specific letter.

Buy Scattergories

Play with geek culture

A title for all ages and for fans of the world of technology, Internet, video games, science fiction and superheroes. That is, for geeks. So you can test your knowledge or that of your friends on all these topics.

Play with geek culture

To play with friends

Playing as a family is not the same as doing it with friends, where the atmosphere is slightly different. They are very fun, with content that may involve showing you how you usually only show yourself with friends, or that are not suitable for the whole family. For those moments with your best friends, the best titles you can find are:

4-in-1 multi-game table

This multi-game table is great for playing with friends. It has 4 games on a single table, such as billiards, foosball, ping pong, and hockey. With quality materials such as wood, robust structure, dimensions of 120 × 61 cm board and 82 cm high. It is assembled quickly and easily and has European quality and safety certificates.

Buy multigame table


A quality table football, in MDF wood with a thickness of 15 mm. The dimensions are 121x101x79 cm. With stable and height-adjustable legs. Includes details such as goal counter, with steel bars and non-slip rubber handles, painted figures, and 2 cup holders. Two balls and mounting instructions are included.

Buy Foosball

Ping pong table

Foldable ping pong table to not take up space, suitable for indoors and outdoors, as it resists the elements. With a sturdy board with a surface of 274 × 152.5 × 76 cm. It includes 8 wheels to be able to turn or move it easily, as well as a brake to prevent it from moving during the game. The game balls and paddles are not included, but you can buy them separately:

 Buy ping pong table

Buy set of shovels and balls

Time's up!

A perfect game for friends in which you will have to guess a character. They can be real or fictional famous people, and all thanks to the descriptions that are given of each character without naming them. That in the first round, in the next round the level rises and they have to hit just one word. In the third round, only the mimicry is valid.

Buy Time's up!

Jungle speed

A card game with various minigames. Suitable for ages 7 and up. You must find the cards with the same symbol as yours and catch the totem. With more than 50 symbols and 55 different cards. Speed, observation and reflexes will be key.

Buy Jungle Speed

I have duo

A fun board game where you play cards and you have to cooperate. Anticipation, empathy with your friends, and speed will lead you to victory. Each player must try to guess the answers given by the other players while the others try to guess theirs.

Buy I have Duo

EXIN Party

It is a box with 3 in 1. You will find a murderer game, in which innocent players must discover who the undercover murderer is, another team game, where you have to guess as many words as possible following the rules of each round (description , mimicry, drawing, sound), and the speed game, which tries to answer as many cards as possible in 1 min with your team.

Buy EXIN Fiesta

To the Parrot Neither yes nor no No secrets

A table game for adults ideal for parties with friends. It consists of answering 10 prepared and spicy questions without saying Yes or No. 2 people or as many as you want can play. A way to also socialize with other people you have just met or at the outings for drinks.

Buy Neither yes nor no

For teenagers

There are also some board games for teens, with fresher and more modern air oriented to the new generations. Products with youthful jargon, with themes exclusive to this age group, or that imply knowledge of new technologies, trends, etc. Some examples of these are:

Dungeons & Dragons

No products found.

It is one of the most popular games. Dragons and dungeons has become popular especially after The Big Bang Theory series, since its characters used to play. One of the best board games if you like imagination and fantasy. A storytelling game in which players must immerse themselves in all kinds of epic adventures, from exploring mazes, to looting treasures, fighting with legendary monsters, etc.

No products found.

Buy D&D Essential Kit

Goliath sequence

A game that mixes some other games into one. It is a strategy type, and you must learn to block your opponents and remove their pieces from the board before they do it with you. You can play individually or with an alliance. You will see that it looks like three in a line, although in this you must put 5 chips of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally, but depending on the cards that have touched you in your hand, as if it were poker.

Buy Sequence

I love banana

An entertaining, dynamic and youthful title in which you will be a patient in a psychiatric center who believes a thing or animal, with 90-second games where the players cannot speak, but with gestures they have to make others know what it is. They can play 2 or more, and it is suitable for over 8 years. But be careful, since "the doctor" do not let the doctor see what you are, since he is the only one of the group who is not like a "chota".

Buy I'm a banana

Tribe of Scoundrels Let's keep on sinning

Another title in this series of Spanish board games. One of those games that are hooligans and with guaranteed laughs. Gather your colleagues, shuffle the cards, and start with the first one. There are 4 types of new cards, accusation, social challenge, WTF! Questions and blank cards for you to come up with what you want.

Buy Let's keep sinning

Board games for two

The board games for two They are a classic, and there are many of them. To play as a de facto couple, or any other type of couple. Perfect for when more people cannot gather and it is not possible to use other boards that usually require larger groups or teams. The best board games for adults of this type are:


Having a pool table in a house without too much space is not always possible, but with this dining table that turns into a pool, it is. Functionality and fun come together in this convertible table measuring 206.5 × 116.5 × 80 cm in length, width and height. It includes all the accessories to play and can be chosen with a tapestry in various colors.

Buy pool table

4 in line

Chips of two colors, two participants. The idea is to enter them in the panel to try to create rows of 4 in a line of your same color. The opponent must do the same, while blocking you so that you do not get it before.

Buy 4 Online

(Un) acquaintances?

Not only is it a board game for 2 adults, but it is special for couples. In it you will be able to test what you know about your partner, with questions about daily life, personality, intimacy, personal tastes, etc. Select a letter with a question, vote for the answer that best suits you, and have the other person answer to see if it matches ...

Buy (Un) acquaintances?

Love with words

Another board game designed for couples. With it you will be able to strengthen ties and help you to get to know the couple better, even in the most intimate secrets. It is easy to play, there are 100 cards with questions that are designed to lead to a conversation about the past, future, feelings, money, desires, intimacies, etc.

Buy love in words

Devir Secret Code Duo

It is a game of complicity, to learn and have fun. It allows you to play to be the fastest and smartest to discover the subtle and mysterious clues and get into the shoes of a secret spy to discover the hidden and thus win the game before your opponent does.

Buy Duo Secret Code

Hasbro Sink the Fleet

A naval game in which you play with coordinates to try to sink your opponent's ships. They will be located in the positions he has chosen, and you cannot see them and he cannot see yours. It is played blind, and trying to locate where they are to eliminate them. Without a doubt another of the classics for two ...

Buy Sink the Fleet


A fun special game for couples in which you can improve confidence, dare with funny conversations, flirt, etc. Pick a card, answer the question, or make a proposed romantic challenge. You dare?

Buy Atargia

Strategy board games

Strategy fans who want to ditch Warcraft, Age of Empires, Imperium, etc., and switch to tabletop games will be delighted with titles such as:


It's an award-winning strategy game, and with more than 2 million players already. It takes attention and being a good strategist to win. Recommended for ages 10 and up and for 3 or 4 players. In it you will be one of the first settlers on the island of Catan, and the first towns and infrastructures will begin to appear. Little by little you will evolve, the towns are transformed into cities, the means of transport and commerce are improved, the ways of exploiting resources, etc.

Buy Catan

Devir Carcassonne

One of the best strategy games and one of the most advanced. It includes a board with possible expansions to add more possibilities and content. It is suitable for 2 to 5 players, and is suitable for ages 7 and up. More than 10 million players have become hooked on this game in which you will have to expand your territory, fight, and conquer new possessions.

Buy Carcassone

Hasbro Risk

Another of the greats of the strategy in which the conquest for your empire prevails. With 300 figures, mission cards, with 12 secret missions, and a board to position your troops and fight in incredible battles. A game full of alliances, surprise attack, and betrayals.

Buy Risk

Design Strategy

Ages 8 and up and for 2 players, Stratego is another of the best strategy board games for adults. A classic board where you can attack and defend yourself to try to conquer the enemy flag, that is, a kind of CTF. With 40 pieces for the army of different ranks that will be able to test your logical and strategic thinking.

Buy Stratego

Classic Monopoly

There are several versions of Monopoly, but one of the most successful is still the classic. Although it is not a game of strategy to use, it does need some wisdom and know how to manage to know how to buy and sell to gain the empire of wealth.

Buy Monopoly

Best cooperative games

As for cooperative board gamesTo play with alliances, the best titles you can buy are already:


A board game for all ages from 8 years old. It is a collaborative game where you have to try to solve a mystery, and all players will win or lose together. The goal is to discover what lies behind the death of the spirit of the haunted mansion and make his soul rest in peace. One player assumes the role of ghost, and the rest of the players play with the mediums who will receive a series of clues that point to the secret ...

Buy Mysterium

Devir Holmes

No products found.

This game takes you to February 24, 1895, in London. A bomb has exploded in Parliament and Sherlock Holmes, along with his assistant, will get involved to learn the truth about this case.

No products found.

Devir The Forbidden Island

An award-winning family cooperative game. In it you immerse yourself in the skin of adventurers who must recover the treasures of a mysterious island. It can be played from the age of 10. Combine cards and figures for a board to try to avoid the dangers and get wealth.

Buy The Forbidden Island


This cooperative game is suitable for 2 to 4 players, 14 years of age or older, and in which you must try to save humanity from a pandemic. The diseases and pests that have spread are killing many lives, and you have to discover the cure. To do this, they will travel around the globe looking for the necessary resources to synthesize the cure ...

Buy Pandemic

For older

Also older people They can have a fantastic time playing a multitude of board games, for the more «Senior» ages. Some are already classics, and that continue to arouse interest in this age group, others are somewhat newer, at least in our country, since they have been imported from other places on the planet. The titles to consider that cannot be missing are:

2000 piece puzzle

A puzzle for adults, with 2000 pieces, and with a beautiful picture of the symbols of Europe. The puzzle, once assembled, has dimensions of 96 × 68 cm. Its chips are of high quality and fit optimally, in addition to being made of environmentally friendly materials. Suitable for playing with children from 12 years old, adults and older.

Buy Puzzle for adults

Pirate ship 3D puzzle

A fantastic 3D puzzle to create a beautiful pirate ship. Made of resistant EPS foam, with 340 pieces to build a replica of the Queen Anne's Revenge in scale, with dimensions of 68x25x64 cm. Once assembled, it has an LED lighting system with 15 lights that are powered by 2 AA batteries. Suitable for ages 14 and up.

Buy 3D puzzle


A classic among the classics and for the whole family, although especially with the older ones in mind. It includes an automatic bass drum, balls with the numbers, and the kit of cards to play. Whoever gets the line and the bingo first, wins.

Buy Bingo


Cards with combinations of numbers that you must mix, distribute among the participants, and gradually match the numbers. The one who first places all his chips will win.

Buy Dominoes

UNO family

A familiar and very traditional card game that allows 2 players to play individually or in teams. The goal is to be the first to run out of cards. And when you have only one card left, don't forget to yell UNO!


Three in a row

No products found.

The typical tic-tac-toe game, to try to position 3 equal shapes in a line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. And try to block your opponent so that he does not get it before.

No products found.

Chess board, checkers and backgammon

A 3-in-1 board to play these three classic games that need no introduction. Although it can be ideal for the elderly, they are games that have no age, so children can also play.

Buy board

Board Parcheesi + OCA

The game of OCA and Parcheesi are other of the most popular games of all time. With this reversible board you can have both games for family fun.

Buy board

Deck of cards

Of course, among the classics you cannot miss the card table games. With the Spanish deck or with the French deck, as you prefer. You can play countless types of games, since with the same deck there are many (Uno, Pócker, Chinchón, Cinquillo, Mus, Solitaire, Blackjack, 7 and a half, Briscola, Burro,…).

Buy Spanish deck Buy poker deck

New generation

Of course, this other category could not be absent, which has recently emerged thanks to the advancement of new technologies. And it is that computing, the Internet, and virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality technology have also changed the way in which board games are played. A new generation of board games for adults has arrived, and you should know these interesting projects:

Online board games and apps

There are several online board games to play with your family or friends in the distance, as well as some mobile apps that also allow you to play the classics in multiplayer mode or against the machine. You can search the Google Play and App Store app stores.

Some web pages with free table juices are:

Augmented reality games

Can you imagine a board game in which you can recreate a multitude of different games, and where you can see constructions and objects in three dimensions, and where the tiles are not tiles, but come to life and become heroes, monsters, animals, etc.? Well, stop imagining, that's already here thanks to augmented reality glasses and it's called Tilt Five.


board games for adults

Free picture (Children's Board Game) from

Some most frequent doubts and questions that are usually asked around board games for adults are the following:

What are board games for adults?

These are board games that tend to have a theme that is not suitable for minors, although not all. And it does not have to be because they have content suitable for adults, but because they are designed for adults, so it is likely that the little ones in the house do not know how to play or get bored.

Why buy this type of entertainment?

On the one hand, whenever a game is played with family or friends, a great time is spent, and the laughs are guaranteed. Also, now with the pandemic situation it can be a great and safe plan to hang out. On the other hand, they also help you to socialize more and get away from the PC screen or the game console, which are usually games that promote individualism and isolate. Quite the opposite of the classic board games, which are close. You can even take it as a great gift for Christmas, or for any other date.

Where to buy them?

There are many specialized stores to buy board games, as well as toy stores that also include this type of games for adults. However, one of the best options is to buy online on platforms such as Amazon, since you have an immense number of games that it is very likely that you will not find in all stores. In addition, there is a wide variety of prices and occasional promotions that you can take advantage of.

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