Alternatives to Spotify

alternatives to Spotify

The music is listened to in streaming. Either in a personal computer, although mostly in a Smartphone, the musical waves today travel by broadband or via microwaves, whether they are GSM or CDMA.

Within this wide universe, one company has taken over most of the downloads. But it is not the only one There are several alternatives to Spotify, both "Freemium" or paid.

Spotify: the all powerful

Based in Stockholm and online since October 7, 2008, Spotify is by far the market leader. By December 2017, the company reached 140 million users. Of this staggering number, half pay to enjoy the service.

Although with some detractors and no stranger to controversy, it seems that the growth of this platform is infinite. It offers its subscribers a catalog of more than 30 million songs, as well as unlimited versatility to adapt to any device.

Although at the moment, all other apps are lagging behind, most of alternatives to Spotify offer added values ​​that at least invite you to try. the oldest

This platform paved the way for streaming, even before YouTube itself. Since its founding in 2002, it has also paved the way for what we know today as social networks.

It works in two ways: the first allows its users to build their own musical collections. It also offers the option to listen radios "on line", always according to the musical tastes of each subscriber. keeps the music charts updated, with the songs most listened to worldwide. In addition, all those who register on the page can create their own profiles, to share their tastes and preferences with the rest of the community. Everything in the best style of a traditional "Social Network".

It has a free version, which includes advertising between the songs. There is also an option Payment that suppresses any type of commercial advertisements. Available both in a desktop version for personal computers or in a mobile version, for Android or iOS Smartphone and tablets.

 SongFlip: good, pretty and free

A free and highly efficient streaming option for mobile devices. It has a musical catalog that has nothing to envy to the leading platforms in the market. As is "natural", the only thing that the app asks of its subscribers is to listen to some commercials between the songs.

Music can be played randomly or users can build their own playlists. The application keeps the lists updated with the topics most listened to by the community.

The only important limitation is that it does not offer complete albums but individual songs. Those who wish to listen to all the tracks of a certain musical plate, must add them to a playlist, one at a time. Nothing insurmountable, especially considering that it is a "freemium" business model. Available for both Android and Apple devices.

YouTube The real alternative to Spotify?

The largest music catalog in all of cyberspace is not on Spotify, but on YouTube. However, the Google-owned platform has serious limitations to compete seriously against the Swedish company. Mainly, when talking about applications for mobile devices.

On any smartphone or tablet, regardless of the operating system, it is impossible to listen to music on YouTube without the application being in the foreground and the screen on. And this in addition to preventing the use of the devices for any other task than playing music; It is, as we can see, an energy expenditure that practically no device can assume.

However, on laptops or desktops, the story is totally different. Either through random playback or through playlists (personal or published by other users). It is perfectly possible to do almost any activity on the computer, while the app is running in the background.

YouTube Red. The answer to prayers?


Originally released as YouTube Music Key in 2014. It is the response to user demands, who demanded to be able to use the musical social network as alternative to Spotify on mobile devices.

YouTube Red, unlike the “standard” application for iOS and Android, does allow music playback in the background or with the screen off and locked. In addition, it provides direct access to the entire catalog available to Google Play Music; also to series and movies produced under the YouTube Red Original brand.

Only offered in a paid version, so all forms of advertising are ruled out. At the moment, it is only available in the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. The much anticipated expansion to Europe does not finish arriving; and there are those who wonder if it will one day.

Deezer: the “similar” alternative


If a platform seems to imitate the operation of Spotify without too much shame, that is Deezer. This French website has gained a good number of subscribers worldwide (approximately 24 million); but neither does it pretend to chase and catch up with the market leader.

Users, once registered, can choose between a "Freemium" mode, with advertisements included, or a Premium version. It has a catalog quite outstanding musical, with more of 40 million themes to choose from.

Available for mobile devices, both for Android and iOS. The same as its desktop version, compatible with Windows and Apple Mac operating systems.

Apple Music and Google Play Music. The Spotify killers?

Two of the most powerful companies on the planet, who have not been left alone to observe how Spotify is heresy as the undisputed leader of audio streaming. Both launched applications, not only for devices that run alongside their operating systems. The main mission of both Apple Music and Google Play Music was to end the Swedish company.

Although neither of the two bets can be considered unsuccessful, the results are still not as expected. Spotify remains the leader without question. Meanwhile, from Cupertino and from Silicon Valley, they keep trying to catch up.

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